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It’s Been a Long Time, We Shouldn’t’ve Left You, Without a Dope Beat to Step to

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Good morning, starshine! That hiatus sure lasted longer than we thought it would.  In the interim, the Mels and I have become professional blogging girls for real live companies.  Weird, right? Anyway, you can throw out your Save a Blog of Two Cities tshirts, delete that #RIPablogoftwocities tweet, and just generally stop your blubbering, because it looks like we’re back for Season 2. And booooy do we have a lot to catch up on!

Sorry For Actin’ So Messed Up Towards You

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and not writing a post for like a month.  Among my goals for twenty-ten (finally learn how to skateboard, find a job for realzies, and get knocked up by Tiger Woods — yeah, low blow, I know, but I only have like a week to make a stale Tiger Woods joke before the new decade makes ’em obsolete) is to start writing more frequently on this blog.  As a Christmas present, and an act of contrition for being a deadbeat blogger, I offer to you, this SNL video: