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Ok, Fine Dakota. We Get It. You’re Popular.

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Dakota Fanning: award winning actress in multi-million dollar movies, cheerleader, homecoming queen, once an awkward looking child but is now really cute and is in a movie with Robert Pattinson.  If she didn’t seem like such a normal girl in a town full of crazies I would hate her so much.  So instead, I’m just super jealous.

Dakota Fanning Crowned Homecoming Queen [Just Jared]

Cute Animals are Such Jerks

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picture-21God damn cute animals are such selfish little jerkfaces sometimes. I didn’t think anyone else shared my opinion until my brother pointed me in the direction of this blog. Highlights include:

(re: puppy) You fucking bastard. Why can’t both of your eyes be the same size? I’m on to you puppy. You can’t stop me. Stay out of my way, you goddamn asshole. And if you EVER put your chin on ANYTHING again, so help me, puppy, so fucking help me…

Seriously. How dare these cute animals be all adorable and snuggle worthy? A-holes. All of them. I just want to nuzzle in their soft fur/feathers. Ok, that’s enough.

Eff You Penguin

Like I Needed Another Reason to Love Paul Rudd

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Paul Rudd Dances on Sesame Street [Video Gum via NY Mag]

Extreme Amounts of Cuteness

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Baby PandasIf you already know me, then you are aware of my obsession with tiny little animals since they are insanely adorable and snuggleable 99.98% of the time. My friend Dan just tipped me off to this slide show from and I about passed out looking at these mugs (and I am in no way exaggerating). Go look yourself and see if you don’t go “awww” at at least one of these little jerks.

Baby Animals [ABC News]