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When You Wake Up Feeling Old

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I just went to, and realized I had no idea what anything on that website meant.  What’s The Duel, and how is there a sequel? We’re still watching American Idol? Who’s Taylor Swift? Jesus, am I THAT old?!

I have GOT to stop dating 30-somethings*.


*Okay, one 30-year old, once.

New Career Goals

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Lately, I’ve been really into the idea of selling out and going corporate.  To hell with helping others and trying to make the world a more positive place; fuck the non-profit, not-for-profit, and NGO world — I just want to make piles of cash at a ginormous, heartless, corporation, so I can go swimming in my gold coin vault like my name is Scrooge McDuck.

I’ll take 3 martini lunches, and tell people “my assistant will take care of that” and everyone will look at me like I’m crazy, because uh, I AM the assistant, and why am I always coming back from lunch drunk?

This. Is the dream.

On Second Thought, No…

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old-people-dj3So, after I got laidoff, I thought to myself, “hey, Self, maybe this is a good thing!” To which I responded, “how are you possibly for real, Self?” — okay, this is going to get old so I’ll stop.  But, it felt like one of those moments where you realize, hey, maybe this is my chance to do something different! Something creative, and awesome and fun.  And then I thought:

Hey! I can be a DJ! I’ll get to go to clubs and hear only the music that I want to listen to — and get paid for it!

Then, I was reading the NY Times online tonight, and I discovered I’m not the only person who thinks being a Recession DJ is a great job.  In fact, a lot of other people think being a Recession DJ is a great job.  A lot of OLD people.  Downgrade.  Sooo, it’s back to the books…

My Boys: A Show About Guy Friends or Just Friends?

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The Boys (Mike, Bobby, Brandon, Andy, Kenny)

The Crew (Mike, Bobby, Brandon, Andy and Kenny)

So I am obsessed with some odd TV shows. On one hand I love critically acclaimed shows like Arrested Development and West Wing but on the other, I love some hokey stuff like Psych and My Boys. Tonight, My Boys was on, and man, I effing love this show. Not only does it take place in Chicago (Midwest, what what!), but I think it’s because I want to have her life…just a little bit.

This is the premise of the show: There’s a girl, PJ, whose close friends are all guys (and one girl) and they watch sports, drink beer, play poker and make jokes. I’m pretty sure I like this show because this is the life I want to have. Don’t get me wrong, I love my girlfriends, but most of the time, I just want to hang out, drink beer and play poker or shoot the shit. I don’t like going out on the weekends unless it’s to a dive bar to drink cheap beer, play Connect Four and just hang out.

I should mention that I’m a girly girl. I have more than four face lotions in my bathroom cabinet, I prefer dresses to jeans on most days and have seen Pride and Prejudice over 25 times–both versions.

Back to My Boys. I love that the guys the guys that PJ is friends with are totally normal dudes. They’re not all these hunks that are obsessed with looks–they’re just regular guys (ones balding, one has kids, one is a wannabe womanizer). These are the kind of guys that I like. Maybe I’m surrounding myself with the wrong guys in New York, but dang, these normal guys are hard to come by. All the guys I come across work in finance or consulting and are kind of self-centered assholes (side note: what in the world does consulting even MEAN. I swear it’s code for the mafia.)

Anyway, I’d like to think that My Boys romanticizes their friendship. I mean, like any show about friends, they have to play up the good parts, but honestly, with a group of guys there would definitely have to be more talk about farting, masturbating, farting and boobs. Right? So, I guess what I like about the show is just the nature of the friendships and the fact that it’s five guys and a girl is just by circumstance. PJ, on her own, is kind of the most boring character of the show anyway–it’s the entire cast’s interaction of the other guys that I totally dig.

Moral of the story: whether they’re guys or girls, I just want to hang out, drink beer and play games–while wearing my new dress.

My Boys [TBS]