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What About Love?

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Earlier Meredith posted an intriguing idea/belief that being single is more fun than being in a relationship, especially since we’re young and now is the time for us to have fun. I’m a hopeless romantic so I’ve always loved the notion that being in a relationship and in lurve is a great way to live. However, after reading Meredith’s ideas of the fun of being single, I began to reconsider. Being single IS fun! I’m able to go out on a whim with my friends, I don’t have to worry about waxing, I can eat a container of hummus without judgment…okay those don’t seem like perks about being single, but hey, hummus is good and sometimes I don’t like sharing.

Then, the stupid romance part in my brain kicked in and I got all, “But sometimes I want to cuddle! Making out with someone on a consistent basis is fun! Now I can see sci-fi and action movies with someone!” But I’m young! I shouldn’t be in a relationship, I should be playing the field and such while I can! No settling! So, in an effort of journalistic aspirations, I googled “Why should I be single” and came across an incredibly insightful list from the people at Instead of being persuaded to stay single, I actually got convinced that coupledom is the way to go–not only for my personal well being but because being surrounded by men who think like this is not ideal.

Below, my responses to their list. If you want to see askmen’s explanations, click the link above.

Number 10: You don’t have to tolerate moodiness & nagging

Response: Guys are as moody as girls sometimes (which is awesome to deal with) and it’s only nagging if you’re doing something that’s wrong and needs to be fixed.

Number 9: You can gain weight without worrying

Um, you can do this with a girlfriend too and it usually happens with both people in the relationship because each person doesn’t care anymore–it’s all about the lurve. Ew, sad but kind of true for the most part. I’m not saying that all couples are fatties, but being single is NOT the time when you gain weight. And, as a single girl, I don’t want to date someone who doesn’t give a shit about his appearance.

Number 8: You can appreciate your independence

Ok, this one I do agree with. However, if you’re in a healthy relationship you should be able to maintain some independence, right?  Ah to dream.

Number 7: You can control your finances

Dude, I want a bf IN ORDER to control my finances. We’d get an apartment and I’d pay less in rent since it’s only a one bedroom and therefore allowing me to save money. Done. Also, on the guy front: who do you think you’re dating? some completely dependent twat? Sure girls like it when you pay every so often, but we’re not all mooching bitches who require a paid dinner and drinks and monthly gifts that’s thought of as a “maintenance cost.” That shit is wack.

Number 6: You have more time for activities

Ok, so I kind of agree with this one too but think of all the other fun things you can now do with ease. Like playing tennis, having a guaranteed date to see a movie. Just because you’re dating someone doesn’t mean that you have to be together ALL THE TIME. Everyone needs alone time. Not all girls are clingy–and you better not be either. Please.

Number 5: You don’t have to deal with another’s personal habits.

There’s this thing called communication. If you don’t like something, say something. Next.

Number 4: You can be spontaneous

I think you’re thinking about children. you can’t be spontaneous with children–well, at least it’s harder. Ok this is another one where being single might be easier to just go on a girl’s weekend or something but again–if you’re in a good relationship, it shouldn’t be a big deal that you want to do something random. I say this now, but yeah, if my boyfriend suddenly decided to jet for the weekend and didn’t tell me, I’d be pissed. So ok, point: single people.

Romantic Kisses?  Point: couples

Romantic Kisses? Point: couples

Number 3: You can focus on your career

If having a girlfriend takes ALL of your focus and you suck at your job because of it, you have the wrong girlfriend. Not all girls are soul sucking twats.

Number 2: You can be your own boss

This article irks me because it makes it seem like women dictate every single aspect of what a guy does and that’s bothersome as that’s just insulting. If it ever gets to the point in a relationship where one person is controlling the other, it’s time to cut loose. But in my mind, if a relationship is healthy and you actually respect the other person (see Tammy and Eric Taylor on Friday Night Lights), this shouldn’t be an issue.

Number 1: You can flirt as you please

Yeah, I guess this is true. you can’t really flirt when you’re in a couple. I mean you can, but there’s the risk of jealousy and what not. For me though, I have terrible game and dread going to bars where I might be forced to flirt and interact with guys, so this isn’t a huge loss for me. In fact in my book, point: being in a couple.

In Defense of Leggings

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Lindsay Lohan has a line of leggings, and I think that’s swell.  She couldn’t have picked an article of clothing that most clearly reflects her: both have come under fire recently for finding themselves in inappropriate situations; however, when utilized correctly, you can’t deny that bitch is ta-len-ted! [finger snap]. 

Take this look for example:

Leggings clearly being used as pants, and you know what? It works.  Normal pants would be too chunky underneath. Tights would be not enough coverage. And bare legs?

Why we need leggings -- Exhibit 1: Tara Reid

I’ll let this picture of Tara Reid speak for itself.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a big fat fan of leggings.  I wear them lounging around the apartment, when I go out with friends, the 2 times a year that I work out, to dinner, at the doctor’s office — hell, at my old job I wore leggings at least twice a week.  

You can dress them up 


Careful with this look though, Victoria Beckhams like thisclose to being confused with Tranny Spice

Careful with this look though, Victoria Beckham's like thisclose to being confused with Tranny Spice

Or you can dress them down

doesn't she look more comfortable than you, right now?

You can even, do crazy shit like this


Not gonna lie, I would wear these

Not gonna lie, I would wear these


The fact of the matter is, leggings are comfortable.  People like being comfortable.  People are never gonna stop liking being comfortable.  Thus, through the transitive property of leggings, we can deduce that people are never gonna stop wearing leggings, right? Wrong.  As in generations before them


I think Mens Renaissance fashion introduced us to leggings

I think Men's Renaissance fashion introduced us to leggings

 we will eventually put down our leggings, relegating them to the back of our closets to become some lucky moth’s lunch.  This is a sad, yes, but also? This is fashion.  There’s no crying in fashion.  Although there is a lot of whining.  

Basically, what it comes down to?  Let the people enjoy their leggings while they can.  Just like I let you enjoy your khakis without (an insanely disporportionate amount of)  judgment, let me, LL, and all members of the spandex-lovin’ world enjoy our moment.  

Besides, it’s almost over anyway.