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I Like When Things that Don’t Belong Together, Come Together

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MSTRKRFT and John Legend recorded a track together? Crazy, I know.  But the result, actually really kind of works.  I’m a sucker for a dope beat, and this my friends, is a pretty good beat (I mean, hello, it is MSTRKRFT).

Below, the video for “Heartbreaker”.  After watching this, I realized I really don’t spend as much time in The Mission as I should.

via [TASHED]

When Fans Go Crazy/Why Didn’t I Think Of This?

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Why yes, these are sequined items made to look like “Golden Snitches” from Harry Potter. Normally I’d think, “Oh hey, that’s kind of cool. I’ll put one on my backback” or something, but then you read the description only to find out they are actually nipple covers. Yes, pasties and the creator of these decorative items plans to wear them at the premier of the movie on Wednesday.

I usually wear a standard gryffindor outfit; a tie over a white shirt, grey skirt with gryffindor colours trim, and a gryffindor scarf. My plan is to wear the pasties under my white shirt and unbutton onstage at the costume contest for a big reveal.

Sometimes I hate people, but today? People are effing awesome.

Uh Huh, This My Shit

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I can’t wait until this comes out*.  It’s like Guitar Hero, but with a turntable.  You’ll be able to:

scratch, cross-fade, and beat match. Customize your mix with a variety of effects and samples.”

Annnnnd according to USA Today:

“In addition to single-DJ action, two players can compete or play cooperatively….The game spans hip-hop, electronica, R&B, soul and pop/rock with songs by 50 Cent, Beastie Boys, KRS-One, Blondie, N.E.R.D., Gorillaz and David Bowie. Superstar DJs such as DJ Shadow, DJ Z-Trip and DJ AM will contribute, too.”

I just jizzed my pants thinking about it.

*Thanks, to Cristina, who actually went to E3 last month (because she’s awesome) for the initial heads up.

Find out more information about DJ Hero at its official site.

DJ Hero the Game!!!! [Phatsounds]

Music You Should Dig

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Phoenix.  They’re awesome. They’re French (don’t worry, they sing in English…) if you like Air, MGMT, and, I don’t know, good music? You’ll dig them. I don’t think I really need to say anything more than that.

Phoenix’ latest album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix came out in May and has been on pretty heavy rotation on my itunes ever since — it should be on yours too.

Adventures in Theme Songs

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Family Ties.

Great harmonizing: check.

Jazzy melody: check.

Sha-na-na-naa closer: check.

What’s not to love here?

Okay, Fine, So I Wish This Song Was Written About Me —

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what of it?

And like, okay, so I’m not exactly sure what this song is about — so what?

Sometimes, Your Friends Are Cooler than You Are

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So you have to lift from their blog.  Such is the case with Katie.  She’s cooler than I am, fact.  A fact most recently evidenced by her recent post of We Have Band’s new music video for “You Came Out” on her blog.

Fun fact via Much Cooler Than I Am, Katie:

Apparently [the video] was shot over 2 days and stop frame animated from 4,816 still images without a single moment of video footage.

Pretty cool, eh?

We Have Band [We Have Band on Vimeo] via [Painfully Haphazzard Notions]