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Philadelphia, I Love You

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If you know anything about Philadelphia, then you know that outside of touristy/commercial Center City and Old City, the gentrified areas of West and South Philly, and the more residential areas of Chestnut Hill and Mannyunk, there’s a huge urban blight problem;  abandoned, or simply run-down buildings are almost as prevalent as Eagles jerseys and Phillies hats.  So when I read about former street artist (I know there’s controversy about this term, but bear with me) Stephen Powers’ A Love Letter For You wall mural campaign, several months ago, I was intrigued. 

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How Did This Escape My Notice

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for months?

All that matters is that we found each other now.  There is so much Things That I Will Always Find Rad (i.e. synthesizers,beat that makes you want to dance, Santigold, Lykke Li, trippy visuals, bright colors, flashing lights) going on here. Happy Wednesday.  Or, if you’re me, and it’s 1:05am, happy still Tuesday, but technically Wednesday.

I Like This

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New Air music video for “Sing Sang Sung.”


Via [Stereogum]

Today, At Work, I Actually Had Something Productive to Do!

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*Thanks, Mel, for bringing this internet high five into my life

For All You Nevernudes Out There

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Good News!

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All three seasons of Strangers With Candy are on Hulu.  You’re welcome.

I Want These

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Pro nails.

Yes, Please

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I treated myself to a movie date with myself today.  The movie was good, and I was maybe (maybe) the best date I’ve ever had.  This post isn’t about my hot date with myself though.  It’s about the previews I saw while I was on a hot date with myself. And, one in trailer in particular caught my attention…I’d heard a lot about Ponyo, the latest film from Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away), but today was the first time I actually saw the trailer.  Color me excited.  It’ll be nice to see traditional hand-drawn animation on the big screen for a change. You can watch the trailer online at Apple Trailers, by clicking HERE. Who wants to go see this with me? Preferably high.

Rad Things

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Question: Why is every movie in 3-D these days?

Answer: Who cares?

More importantly,  the trailer for the new Alice in Wonderland movie starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton has been online for the past few days. Aw-e-soo-me.