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It’s Funny ‘Cause It’s True

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My roomate is on

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Life’s Open-Fisted Punch to the Head

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This is a pretty good representation of how my life’s going these days:

Turn and Face the Strange

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A friend that I made here in San Francisco, just moved to New York last week.  Understandably, she was pretty nervous/excited/terrified about moving across the country.  This led me to reflect on my own trans-continental move, and the changes my life has taken on in the past ten months.  Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with those reflections.  I will though, share with you an excerpt of  a something my friend posted on facebook: her mom’s blog post about her big move/the inevitable changes we encounter in life, because, well, I think it’s pretty awesome, and I wish my mom gave advice like this:

Moving – to a new city, a new apartment, a new life – represents, to me, the unstoppable changes that occur in this human existence. We change jobs, cars, doctors, favorite foods, significant others, perfumes, beliefs, hair color, friends. We have a favorite author and devour all of her books, then open to someone else’s words and purview of life; we follow a beloved teacher, leader, or band, and then leave them to adore someone new. Like seasons, we pass from one variation of ourselves to another, never leaving the core of who we are, but shedding, growing, and creating our form over and over again.

Change demands courage, demands faith, and a sense that all will be right, even if everything is different…Many people are petrified to enter the unknown, even though it is inevitable to stand at the edge of a place we have never been.

She’s right.  Changes are inevitable, daunting, and sometimes sad.  But change also opens up the pathway to better, more fulfilling opportunities as well. Sometimes though, I wish it didn’t take so long to discover those pathways.

Or, How I Learned to Quit Worrying, and Love the Britney

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Now that I’m not working for the Oldies (But Goodies) anymore, I have ample time to sit around searching the world (well, according to the wide web, that is) for new music.  Sometimes, I even rake through my itunes for old music that I’ve forgotten about, but still love — the Oldy But Goodies of my personal music collection, if you will.  Sometimes — okay, often — this leads me to Britney Spears.  Pre-meltdown, she was awesome.  Don’t try to argue with me, about this, you will lose.

Anyway, the more I listened to Britney, the more I realized, she’s got the entire 5-step Grieving Process in her song catalog.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this:

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The Roaring 20’s

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Is anybody really doing what they want to do, or are some just better than others at faking it?

I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Hipster

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I’m almost there–I have a vintage bike with a basket, a straw hat and dirty-ish hair.  Now, I just need:

Worn in flannel shirt

A Worn in Flannel Shirt

Pick up smoking.

Pick up smoking.

A Cardigan

A Cardigan

Chunky, thick-framed glasses

Chunky, thick-framed glasses

A checkered scarf

A checkered scarf

A Tattoo of random meaningfulness

A tattoo of random meaningfulness

To Hat or Not to Hat

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But...but she looks so coooool

But...but she looks so coooool

me: it’d be bad to get a fedora, right?
kate: yes it would
me: i might get one. probably not though, it might make my head sweat
kate: haha. its kind of a commitment, once its on its on. and then you have hat hair
me: exactly
kate: and you’re known as the fedora girl
kate: and people expect you to be able to dance. these are things you have to consider
me: sooo many other aspects. thank goodness i have you
kate: what would you do? make an unprepared hat decision