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I Would Bike 3,000 Miles

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When Mel moves to her new Bkln pad, I’m going to come visit.  I google mapped the trip.  Only 12 days by bike! Big Apple, Here I come!

Philadelphia, I Love You

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If you know anything about Philadelphia, then you know that outside of touristy/commercial Center City and Old City, the gentrified areas of West and South Philly, and the more residential areas of Chestnut Hill and Mannyunk, there’s a huge urban blight problem;  abandoned, or simply run-down buildings are almost as prevalent as Eagles jerseys and Phillies hats.  So when I read about former street artist (I know there’s controversy about this term, but bear with me) Stephen Powers’ A Love Letter For You wall mural campaign, several months ago, I was intrigued. 

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Places to Visit in SF

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I actually really like this

I actually really like this

*Where: The Mission, aka Little Williamsburg.

What: Brooklyn’s satellite West Coast hipster state.

Who Lives There: Hipsters, Mexican immigrants, and oh yeah, hipsters.

Why: Because you love: going days on end without bathing, ill-founded pretention, dirty clothes and unwashed hair, “irony”, bicycles, vegan diets, trust funds, working on your “art”, tattoo sleeves, eating disorders, American Apparel, buying organic, being the first to discover bands before they “sell-out”, snorting coke, Tecate beer, and anything else that’s better than being a Yuppy.

*It should be noted, that while the author of this post makes fun of The Mission, she also kind of enjoys it there.

Next Time: The Marina; you found all the Yuppies, but tell me, where did their souls go?