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A Note on Checking Out Babes

Posted in Life, objectifying girls and guys and i'm not ok with it, servicey with tags , , , , on September 2, 2009 by thedith

Summer’s winding down, so for most of the country, hemlines are getting longer, and blustery air will soon require more layers, leaving more to the imagination.  But here in San Francisco, the weather seems to only be getting warmer, and public checking out more gratuitous.  I don’t mind…much…anymore…  But seriously? Show a little discretion. Like, okay, we both know what you’re doing, and there’s no way the objection of your wandering eye’s affection doesn’t know you’re checking her/him out, but c’mon, First Rule of Checking Someone Out: Don’t Be Obvious.

Checking some one out is supposed to be a brief encounter between your eyes, and that certain someone who caught your eye.  Emphasis on brief.  That means no eye lingering, no head swiveling, no cat calls.  Just your eyes.  Quick glance.  You’re done.  As stated in Troy Patterson’s recent article for Slate, “A Dandy’s Guide to Girl-Watching”:

“Although we believe that girl watching has it all over bird watching, we feel that these two hobbies do share one important feature. They are both genteel. They both respect the rights of the watched … A girl watcher never leers, nor does he utter any sound which might betray his joy.”

Amen.  Questions? Concerns? Tips? You can read Troy Patterson’s article HERE.  You’re welcome.  Especially to that guy on Geary and Grant who full-body-swivel checked out that poor little hipster girl who was wearing not even short shorts.