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I’m Sorry, Keep Doing What?

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I’m not even sure how “keep f–king that chicken” even made sense in the context, but I’m pretty sure that his friends bet him that he wouldn’t say it on air.  And then he did.  Pay up suckas. This whole thing reminds me of that episode of How I Met Your Mother where Barney bet Robin that she wouldn’t say “nipple” or “I’m a dirty, dirty girl.”  So, this Fox news anchor did the same thing…but worse/better.  Only on Fox guys, only on Fox.

Only in New York [Andrew Sullivan]

Open Letter to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority

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Dear MTA,
You know what I love about you? I love how on weekends you suddenly decide to skip random stations and not let anyone on the train know. My unexpected jaunt across the Manhattan bridge to Brooklyn was delightful.

Also? I love how warm and toasty your stations are in the middle of summer. The fact that you know that sweating is my favorite hobby and adjust your temperature accordingly is more than kind.

You know what else I love about you MTA? I love how on weekends you switch up your schedule so there are less trains and the run less often. Because really, on a weekend, who doesn’t want to spend their free time underground waiting for a train?

So, MTA, I don’t know how you do it, but stay true to yourself and keep being the most awesome and efficient transportation system in the world.

Hugs and kisses,

Ps. Increasing the fare was a good idea too. I cheered when you did that. Thumbs up.

Along the Lines of Miracles

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Upon hearing that wine gets delivered to your door in New York CIty

andrea: you realize this is on par with someone telling me that puggles were actually real dogs

Well, I Think This Is Cool…

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mapAnother reason why New York can suck it: Walkscore, a website that tells you how “walkable” your town/’hood is, has ranked San Francisco the most walkable city in the U.S. New York comes in at number 2.  Wah wahh, sorry, Mel…

My neighborhood came in at a 98 on the Walkability scale, meaning I live in a “Walker’s Paradise,” which is not as awesome as the Coolio song from the mid-90’s, but I’ll take it.

Conversely, the suburban town I grew up in, scored a 15 for “Car Dependent.”  I only wish this website had existed back when I was in high school.  Maybe then my parents would have gotten me my own car.

Here’s some more info about how walkability is determined.  Also, calculate the walkability of your own ‘hood.

Top 5 Walkable U.S. Cities:

1. San Francisco

2. New York

3. Boston

4. Chicago

5. Philadelphia

WalkScore Scores San Francisco No. 1 When it Comes to Walking [SFist]

It’s Like it was Made for Us

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two cities, one bag/blog

two cities, one bag/blog

Best Bet:  Map it Out  [The Cut]

Searching for Bobby Pattinson

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that smile

he's smiling at me

So today I kind of stumbled upon a jackpot.  And if by stumble I mean plotted and by jackpot I mean a tween heartthrob.  I’m not even sure why I’m kind of obsessed with Robert Pattinson because he seems a little too hipster to by my type and yet…the infatuation ensues.

I heard from various interweb gossip sites that RPattz (the name that Seth and Eva affectionately gave him) was filming at NYU.  Annie, my co-worker who also adores the film star, and I decided to head over there during our lunch hour to possibly catch a glimpse of the guy who plays a sparkly vampire.

We eventually find our way to the crowds (about 20 or so girls, gays and old people who wanted to know what the fuss was all about) and with the help of the other fans, we spotted Him.  I mean, it is hard to miss that tall, gangly, perfectly/messily coiffed hair, clad in plaid, smoking a cigarette, chiseled jawbone, gorgeousness of a guy.

gaggle of girls

the other girls that decided to spend their lunch hours stalking rpattz

Annie and I got there at a good time because there weren’t any screaming tweens.  I mean, sure there were a bunch of girls taking pictures, but no one was yelling, fainting or crying. For the most part, it was pretty calm.  I guess later more kids showed up and started freaking out to the point that he had to dash into his trailer.  Yeah.  People are weird.

so far away

if you squint you can see the plaid

Back to my own stalking (which was not creepy at all).  Annie and I found a little spot and  took some pictures.  Annie’s iphone couldn’t zoom in enough  so I took out my camera and zoomed in and snapped away.  Although he was far away, he was shooting a walking scene so as he walked down the sidewalk, he got closer to where we were perched.  We actually didn’t freak out, but we were giddy and, Annie and I did high five ourselves for our efforts and awesomeness and then went over to the NY Dosa cart (vegan, what what) then headed back to the office.

I guess some intern over at Daily Intel of also went over to WSP to check out RPattz and it must have been after we left that the crowd went apeshit crazy, freaked out and the intern was unable to take any pictures.  Daily Intel posted his observations sans photographic evidence.  Annie came over to my desk and urged me to send my pics to them, “Mel, your pictures are awesome.  You need to bring over your pictures.”  Meanwhile, I was in a group gchat with the other rabid RPattz fans–Seth, Eva, Andrea, Jessica and Nicole–about my sighting and they were getting ticked off (to put it lightly) that I didn’t bring a camera cord with me to upload the pictures immediately.  I mean, the fact that I had my camera at all is a blessing.

Anyway, to make an even longer story longer: I e-mailed Jess Pressler at Daily Intel that I had pictures, she asked me to bring them over, a photo editor took them from my camera card, me: do i need to sign anything? photo editor: not really?, deal was sealed with a high five (true story), 15 minutes later Daily Intel posted my photos in a slideshow and listed me as the source, which meant that I made my “editorial debut” on as the creeper and taking pictures of a tween heartthrob.  Awesome.  What’s cool is that now that page is one of the most viewed pages on  I feel so…famous-ish.  Ah, fame.  So fleeting.  I should join “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” while I still can.

However, I’m not going to lie, after talking about this all day and uploading the pictures, I’m a little bit over the “celeb stalking” thing. I don’t know.  It’s kind of creepy to know that I’m probably not the only person who’s posting about their encounter with this random actor and that the random pictures I took are now on a nationally viewed website.  I’ve told people that I’m going to take up a summer hobby of finding celebs and I mean, I probably will but do I want to write about it?  I feel sketch going into details about seeing someone but is it creepier to just post pictures instead?  Oh, the woes of being a photog.

Fashion. Turn to the Left. Fashion. Turn to the Right.

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Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow

Tonight was the night of the Met Gala Event.  Because I’m not a fashionista I had to look up the reason for this red carpet.  According to Wikipedia, the gala’s purpose is to fundraise for the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute, which contains over 80,000 costumes and accessories.

Due to the fragile nature of the items in the collection, the Costume Institute does not maintain a permanent installation. Instead, every year it holds two separate shows in the Met’s galleries using costumes from its collection, with each show centering on a specific designer or theme.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the new exhibit, The Model as a Muse: Embodying Fashion, which “focuses on iconic models of the twentieth century and their roles in projecting, and sometimes inspiring the fashion of their respective eras.”

Well, it looked like the attendees had fun with the theme.  Some of the actors/singers/models/designers/socialites were innovative and stylish while some were just out of left field crazy or yawn worthy.  Below, my ever so astute and well thought out (read: first impressions) of the over 66 looks from tonight.

Yay:  Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Ashley Olsen, Bar Rafaeli, Gisele, Marion Cotillard, Kim Raver, Molly Sims, Liv Tyler, Anne Hathaway, Marisa Tomei, Chanel Iman, Iman, Jessica Alba, DVF, Claudia Schiffer, Carla Gugino.

Yikes: Emma Robert, Shalom Harlow, Katy Perry, Mary-Kate Olsen, Brooke Shields, Kirsten Dunst, Madonna, Leightom Meester, Blake Lively, Rose Byrne, Hilary Swank, Rihanna, Paulina Porizkova, Elizabeth Banks.

For more of the looks from the Met Gala, check out The Cut’s awesome, awesome slideshow.  [NY Mag/The Cut Blog]

About Gossip Girl Tonight

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i needed this dress 5 days ago

This dress would not look good on me but I want it anyway.

[OMG Spoiler Alert]

A few things.

  1. I love how when everyone started freaking out and Nate tried to shush them, everyone ignored him. Of course they did.
  2. Rufus being all happy and humming down the street? So awkward and FORCED. I wanted to punch his smirky little smirk right off his face.
  3. I’m glad that Georgina’s little Jesus, Praise be to God stint is over because it was getting to be too much. If I wanted to hear preachy Christians I’d go to Tennessee. And the bit where she says “the bitch is back” and then puts on her sunglasses? Totally a cliche and totally worth it.
  4. But. I WILL thank sweet baby Jesus that someone finally cut Eric’s hair and got rid of the highlights.
  5. I don’t remember any exact quotes, but every episode just solidifies one thought in my mind: Chuck and Blair are the best actors/have the best writers in this show.
  6. The Lilly/Rufus spin-off looks stupid and I’m pissed that I’m not going to find out what happens with Georgina next week. Stupidheads.
  7. I want Blair’s green/gold dress.
  8. Do you think that Ed Westwick gets a headache from squinting and furrowing his brow all the time

UPDATE: From my friend Seth.

  1. I liked when Chuck said he loved Blair, but I did NOT like that he said it to Serena, not Blair.
  2. I liked how Jenny continues to desperately try to be relevant.
  3. I liked seeing Rufus unhappy because he sucks.
  4. I liked everything Georgina did, for a change.

Want to Hug This Pig?

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Too bad.  You can’t.  Unless you want THE SWINE FLU. Womp womp.

Eff You MTA

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caesar-stabbed-metrocardRemember when I mentioned how the MTA is bumping up the cost of monthly metro cards?  Well, they’re being even more bitchy because now they won’t let me buy as many unlimited monthly cards now and stock up for the next year.  I guess all MetroCards bought before the May 31 fare hike must be used by June 8.  Jerks. of them.