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Nerd Venn Diagram

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As you can see, based off of this Venn Diagram, I am always a dork; oftentimes a nerd; and, sometimes a dweeb (depending on the intelligence level of who I’m hanging out with).  Luckily, I’m never a geek.  But, I mean, that was something we all knew already.

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Well, It’s Official…We’re All Growed Up

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Picture 1

So that’s it.  The logo of our childhood is over.  Done with.  Caput.  Nickelodeon recently announced that they’re doing away with the Splat-like logo and going with a more rounded, streamlined one.  I mean, after 20+ years it’s time for change (this is the era of Obama afterall) but it’s just weird to realize that the two year old I babysit will never recognize the Splat logo.  He’ll probably see it in 15 years and put it on an ironic t-shirt like the kids my age do with the old Milwaukee Brewer’s logo, which, I guess wouldn’t be all that bad.  As long as it isn’t obnoxious.  So, moral of the story: I’m OK with this–just keep it classy.

There is no logo more bitchin' than this one.

UPDATE: From my friend Seth–keeping the original logo makes you the most recognizable brand in the world:

Let’s Play The Name Game!

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So, according to super accurate and prestigious gossip rags in Australia, Robert Pattinson knocked up Kristen Stewart.  Not only are they not dating but they haven’t been in the same city for months but…DETAILS!  Anyway, for the fun of it, let’s name Kristen Stewart’s Food Baby*!

Renesme – for those loyal to Twilight.  It should be known that I hate this name almost as much as I hate clowns.  Another reason why Stephanie Meyer is the worst writer of all time.

Rayybann – unique spelling for a unique baby

Ok, that’s all we came up with.  This is actually a better game in theory than in practice.

*all credit goes to Andrea

How I Feel Today

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Julia: i think that if i was a robot
Julia: i would want to be a stabbing robot

Boing Boing

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This is how I feel after drinking two cups of coffee in less than an hour:

You Got Served

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This has been floating through the interweb for a while, but my sister-in-law just showed it to me again last night and I love it.  Why?  Well, seeing as I tell people off frequently, sometimes I’m just not sure if I’ve used “oh snap” correctly, and yes, I wonder this daily, even minutely.  A majority of the time (read: 99%) I’m right, but really HOW AM I TO KNOW FOR SURE?  Well, thank sweet baby Jesus, there is now there’s a nifty diagram to help me.

Now, you can go tell people off without fear of rejection.  Or something.