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I figured my first post back on the blog should be a common love of thedith and mine. And what is that? Oh, you know, the usual. Just Japanese emoticons. It’s what brought us together. Well, that and the Heidi Klum Wonderland music video. Cue up Mase’s Welcome back ya’ll.

Japanese emoticon stamp is too cute for \(^o^)/ [Techgear]

At Least I Wouldn’t Skin a Collie to Make a Backpack

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“That’s what I like about your generation.  You guys aren’t afraid to wear really stupid things.” — Caitlin’s dad.

Okay, I know I made fun of faux-fur hats when I was in New York; I saw them everywhere, and they look ugly and retarded.  That being said, now that I’m back in San Francisco, and no one wears fur hats, all the sudden, I MUST have one.  I mean, I know it rarely gets cold enough even to see your breath here (actually, more the reason to want one), but mark my words, faux-fur hat is going to be my first “WTF, you’re an idiot. You know you can’t buy groceries this week now, right?” purchase of 2010.

So You Didn’t Go To Outside Lands…

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In the weeks leading up to Outside Lands, the annual three-day music festival that takes place in Golden Gate Park, no one — and I mean no one was going.  The line-up sucks: Black Eyed Peas*? Jason Mraz?  It’s not worth it, dude. Then, somehow, surprisingly, merely days before Outside Lands, everyone — and I mean everyone (at least according to my text message inbox) — was going.  It’s gonna be so tight, dude! MIA, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, TV on the Radio, Mars Volta! Amazing line-up! Whatever, everyone.  Especially a certain co-worker who got to leave work early on Sunday just to make it over to Golden Gate Park (see: I am jealous).

I didn’t go to Outside Lands, but that’s not going to stop me from writing a post about it.

Outside Lands Presents: Things I Want

Giant flat-screen tv that plays nothing but trippy light/pattern displays all day

Giant flat-screen tv that plays nothing but trippy light/pattern displays all day

This feather headband

This feather headband

Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst

Tiger face sequin dress

Cheeta face sequin dress

All pictures via [SFist] and [Gawker]

*Okay, I secretly love this song

Is It Weird that I Kind of Want This?

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From the people who brought you The Boyfriend Pillow (well, actually, I don’t know if that’s true…) comes, The Girlfriend Lap Pillow!

Lifetime supply of social awkwardness and membership to the Masturbation is the Best I’m Ever Going to Get club included.

I Don’t Care If This Is Real Or Fake…I Want This Dog

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Andrea: i want a bitter dog who only likes me

I Want These

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Pro nails.