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Song/Music Video of the Day

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Drive my Soul by Lights

How to Productively Spend Your Time

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Picture 1Someone on Facebook posted a link to this site called Incredibox and, being the inquisitive person that I am, I clicked through to check it out.  A half hour later, I came to the conclusion that this is in the top 10 of my favorite music websites.  At first I had no idea what it was and I had to play around with it by dragging the little arrows and circle-ish items from the bottom up to the cartoon guys but then I realized that I was making my own beatbox.  I could add elements of instruments, percussion, chorus, effects and more.  You can mix it up move them around and create totally original sounds.  Mer and I spent a good part of our days playing with this.  Yay, bi-coastal, global fun!

Post Script. Def try the shuffle mode.

Things That Are Awesome

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Found Objects

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Now that the restaurant is becoming “more corporate” here’s what we do when we’re bored:



Matt created this off of my random doodle in literally under five seconds.  That makes sense, because, he’s also a children’s book illustrator.

I Like This

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"Roboto wears: Shirt - Flat Head, Jeans - Iron Heart, Shoes - Common Projects"

This guy made a bunch of drawings of characters from He- Man and the Masters of the Universe dressed in modern day clothes, then made a website about it:

I imagined them somewhere in the indie/hipster/fashion-scene, as if they were doing a photoshooting [sic] for some magazine. I’m a fashion-nerd myself, so I dressed them up in things that really excist [sic] and that I like.

Rock on.

See the rest of the re-masterd Masters of the Universe HERE.

Anderson Cooper Likes This

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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta

And so do I.  Why?

1. Kim’s “hit” single “Tardy for the Party”.

2. NeNe.

3. Lisa has two kids with 90’s R&B singer Keith Sweat that she’s legally not allowed to talk about on the show.

3. TLC’s T-boz makes an appearance.

4. Kandi WROTE “No Scrubs”.

5. Sheree’s fashion show to debut her clothing line “She by Sheree” is such a disaster, she doesn’t even have clothes to show, so they just tape some sketches on the wall for people to walk around looking at — and Sheree’s all, “So what?” When confronted about it.

6. Lisa’s Asian family.

7.  The “Alter Ego Photoshoot”

8. Kim’s wig line.

9.  The fact that they’re always drunk.

10. Did I mention Sheree had a fashion show without any clothes?

Below, a brilliant recap of the first two episdoes of the second season.  Someone give this guy a show — or, at least a sedative.

All Yr Songs

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I’ve been listening to this song on loop today. Why today of all days? Who knows. Probably something to do with not being on vacation anymore.  [Ed note: Dear fog, go fuck yourself.]

I do know that listening to “All Yr Songs” on loop has been keeping me from diving head-first into the pile of clothes on the floor of my closet. Suffocation by denim seems like a rough way to go…

“All Yr Songs”

I Like This

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New Air music video for “Sing Sang Sung.”


Via [Stereogum]

I’m Always 2000 and Late

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Plus, I heard the book is better than the movie

Always late to the party, I juuuust saw Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist.  Everyone told me it was really bad, but actually? I kind of liked it.  Similar to when I saw Along Came Polly, I was expecting a train wreck of a movie, and was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t hate it. In fact, I’m going to go on record here and say that I maybe kind of liked it.  Okay, no, I did.  Got me.  Michael Cera and Kat Dennings did it for me (geek and girl crush, respectively), and the soundtrack was pretty legit for the most part.  Maybe I downloaded half of it.  So, what?

I think I learned a valuable lesson about life from watching this movie. The key is, in life, you should just always have low expectations, so that way when you experience something, you appreciate the fact that at least it wasn’t as bad as you imagined it would be.  Or something…

Found Objects

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LEGO-stop motion via Buzzfeed