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One Step Closer to Being a Hipster

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I just got a bike!  And it has a basket! This summer I’m going to be riding around, eating at Vegan restaurants, recycling and reducing my carbon footprint.  I really should get some plaid and one of those hipster scarves

One Part of the 90s I Want to Relive

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Dave Matthews Band. Man, did I love them.  My camp counselor introduced me to them in fifth grade and my life was never the same (My life might have also changed due to the fact that my bunk did a song and dance number to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” in front of the whole camp, but that’s another story.)  I loved all his albums from then on–I actually didn’t like Crash at first, but eventually grew to like it.  However, after the Lillywhite Sessions album, by fandom decreased.  I couldn’t even get into Everyday.  Sure, they had a few good songs here and there, but nothing like the 90’s era hits.  I don’t want to go to a concert now because I don’t want to hear the new stuff, just the oldies but goodies.  Those concerts were epic.  The tailgating, the cloud of smoke above Alpine Valley, insane amounts of hemp and tie-dye.  Man, those were great.  Concerts now though are filled with the grown up versions of hippies and are far less fun.  If I could time travel back to the 90’s, I would do three things:  rock out on my Skip-It, tell myself to never wear the hat that looks like a condom and go to a Dave concert.

Favorite songs:

  • #41
  • Two Step
  • Crash Into Me (Live from Folsom Field version)
  • Lover Lay Down
  • The Stone
  • Grace is Gone
  • Warehouse
  • Crush
  • Say Goodbye
  • Big Eyed Fish
  • Grey Street
  • Ants Marching (only the live versions

    A Potentially Dangerous Experiment

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    Today my friend Andrea had an unfun discussion with her doctor:

    Andrea: “uh, just got your test results back from last week, and you are allergic to MILK, EGGS, AND WHEAT”. BALLLLS!

    Yeah, that sucks. Considering our diet consists mostly of cheese, omelets and pasta. And, um, of course with veggies, yeah.

    So why do I want to go vegan (other than to support Adnrea?) One of my co-workers is vegan and I’ve considered becoming a vegan for a while since it’s a healthy diet and I really should not be eating as much of the crap I eat anyway. However, I’ve only been thinking about it because I mean, really, ACTUALLY doing it is really hard! (Also, I shouldn’t be eating dairy anyway since I’m lactose intolerant, but whatever. Details.)

    So now, with Andrea’s actual inability to eat these “bad” things, I’ve decided to try it with her–kind of. She can eat meat and I can eat bread. We’re going to cheer each other on/complain to each other a lot while seeing how long it takes either one of us to crack and eat either a piece of cheese or scoop of ice cream. I’ll try to document it here, but not like this crazy chick on–no one wants to see that. Wish us luck!

    Happy Earth Day

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    In honor of Earth Day, I’m not going to suggest you do the standard things that everyone wants you to do (use reusable bags for groceries, turn off the lights, shut down your computers at work, etc.). No. I’m more caring than that. I want your sex to be green.

    Yes, you read that right. Green. Honestly? To me, “green” sex would be hooking up with the lights off and candles in the background (and omg, like, soooooooo romantic) but apparently there are other environmentally safe ways to make the lurve.

    My favorites?


    Do you like getting spanked? Well, please use an environmentally sound spanking paddle that is made of “materials from a sustainable source by a fair trade project in India”


    Have you ever been in the hot sun and instead of sweating your back off, been extremely turned on but have no vibrator in the vicinity to satisfy such an urge? Well, fear not my sexually aroused friends, the solar powered vibrator is here! That’s right. Now, you can charge up that sex toy and use at your disposal at any time.

    So, there you have it. Go get your green groove on, knowing that you are helping the planet…ish? Whatevs, girl’s got needs. Get yours.

    10 Ways to Green Up Your Sex Life [Takepart]

    We’re Even Cooler Than You Thought

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    Hot Pink Nails.  So 2008.

    Hot Pink Nails. So 2008.

    There are very few pictures of Mer and I together.  Actually, I don’t think there are any.  Regardless, we did manage to take a picture of our hot neon pink nail polish the last time we were together, which was about a year ago.  Man, we are SO COOL.