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The Next Best Thing

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Pam: highlight of my week :

 calling the teen AIDS hotline to confirm the number was still active bc its listed as a resource for teens in the back of a book we print… and finding it is no longer an aids hotline, but a phone sex hotline.

Everybody’s Special

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Andrea: if i ate cake every time my company celebrated something, i would have to be on biggest loser because we celebrate when people take a poop

A Good Boyfriend Tattoos Your Name on His Back

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Melanie: ok it’s time for bed it’s 115

Meredith: noooooooooo

Melanie: mama’s gotta get her beauty slep


Meredith: FINE.

that’s another thing: a good boyfriend would stay up with you too add that to the list

Melanie: it’s true and then he’d fall asleep on your lap


and you’d look at him

Meredith: and shove him off?

Melanie: and be all “awww”

Meredith: oh.

or that.

You Shut Your Mouth When You’re Talking To Me

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Seth: When are we going to see The September Issueme: in novemberme: HAHAHAHA OH MY GOD I’M SO FUNNYSeth: i just had to x your chat window out for a secondSeth: so as not to climb through it and slap you

I Don’t Care If This Is Real Or Fake…I Want This Dog

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Andrea: i want a bitter dog who only likes me

Along the Lines of Miracles

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Upon hearing that wine gets delivered to your door in New York CIty

andrea: you realize this is on par with someone telling me that puggles were actually real dogs

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, If I Wrote Greeting Cards, This is What I’d Send You

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Cheesy ones inspired by Will Smith in that movie Hitch.

Life’s not about the moments you breathe, but the moments that take your breath away**

Laughter is contagious, but a smile can cure the heart

Melanie: i just gagged…if you fight, don’t cry but if you don’t cry then you should fight

wait, what?

Some less traditional epigrams

The only thing better than winning an argument, is the make-up sex that follows

Crying is the heart’s way of telling you that your love is worth it

Making love is the celebration of three souls coming together as one.

Melanie:  three souls?

Meredith: three for threesomes
it’s a thinker
Melanie: ohhhh
**May actually be in Hitch

Hey, We Turned Out Alright

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thedith: no, just set them on a path to always be disappointed by your lack of support, and then they’ll stop being disappointed. that’s called good parenting

On Point

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me: i need a new profile pic.  i don’t know what to doooooo

Seth: i bet bill clinton will know what to do

RELATED: North Korea Is Said to Pardon Two American Journalists [NYTimes]

Coogin’: Revisited

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Melanie:omg little neil patrick harris is adoraballs Meredith: awww doogie howser — baby NPH

7:21 PM Melanie: totes cute
want to smoosh his little face
and squish his hair
Meredith: hahahaha
maybe we SHOULD get into coogin
Melanie: dude we should
there is no downside
7:22 PM i mean, women outlive men anyway
Meredith: ew, baby penises
Melanie: why not get the leg up
Meredith: that’s what i think of
Melanie: ohhhh good call
Meredith: and, like, baby bare torsos because they can’t grow hair yet
that’s what i think of
but, i mean, the only way to get over it, is to do it
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