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Dear East Coast, Do You Realize How Lucky You Are?

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Dear East Coast,

Do you realize how lucky you are? Continue reading

The Weekend That Didn’t Happen

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After working all weekend (26 hours total), I’m PTFO’ing.  You can figure out what that means.  Good night and sweet dreams of unicorn smiles and teddy bear hugs.

Post Script. I’m summing up my weekend in the tags because I’m too tired to actually sum it up in actual summarization formation station summation.

The Best Drink In The World

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I challenge you to find a better beverage.

Diet Coke from a Fountain. I challenge you to find a better beverage.

Days 3 and 4

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You Look Good Enough to Eat…Or Something

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Me:  [going to boston this weekend] so i will be consuming insane amounts of cannoli.

Julia:  ugh if you turned into a giant mikes pastry right now i would do you