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I Would Bike 3,000 Miles

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When Mel moves to her new Bkln pad, I’m going to come visit.  I google mapped the trip.  Only 12 days by bike! Big Apple, Here I come!

At Least I Wouldn’t Skin a Collie to Make a Backpack

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“That’s what I like about your generation.  You guys aren’t afraid to wear really stupid things.” — Caitlin’s dad.

Okay, I know I made fun of faux-fur hats when I was in New York; I saw them everywhere, and they look ugly and retarded.  That being said, now that I’m back in San Francisco, and no one wears fur hats, all the sudden, I MUST have one.  I mean, I know it rarely gets cold enough even to see your breath here (actually, more the reason to want one), but mark my words, faux-fur hat is going to be my first “WTF, you’re an idiot. You know you can’t buy groceries this week now, right?” purchase of 2010.

Dear East Coast, Do You Realize How Lucky You Are?

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Dear East Coast,

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So You Didn’t Go to Homecoming

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UntitledLast weekend was every college graduate’s favorite holiday: Homecoming; an excuse to drink profusely during the day, tailgate a football game you have no intention of going to, and make out with that kid who was in your sophomore year Post-Modernism class — but who’s name escapes you right now.

Being 3,000 miles away, I couldn’t go this year.  So, instead, I decided to get moderately drunk and send drunken text messages to those who were attending Homecoming.  This would have been more appropriate if there wasn’t a three-hour time difference, meaning my texts were received between the hours of 3am and 5am.  Whatever. 

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Well, I Think This Is Cool…

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mapAnother reason why New York can suck it: Walkscore, a website that tells you how “walkable” your town/’hood is, has ranked San Francisco the most walkable city in the U.S. New York comes in at number 2.  Wah wahh, sorry, Mel…

My neighborhood came in at a 98 on the Walkability scale, meaning I live in a “Walker’s Paradise,” which is not as awesome as the Coolio song from the mid-90’s, but I’ll take it.

Conversely, the suburban town I grew up in, scored a 15 for “Car Dependent.”  I only wish this website had existed back when I was in high school.  Maybe then my parents would have gotten me my own car.

Here’s some more info about how walkability is determined.  Also, calculate the walkability of your own ‘hood.

Top 5 Walkable U.S. Cities:

1. San Francisco

2. New York

3. Boston

4. Chicago

5. Philadelphia

WalkScore Scores San Francisco No. 1 When it Comes to Walking [SFist]