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3:30am Review of “New Moon”

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I just saw a midnight screening of New Moon. Yeah. I was one of those girls. One of the many.  Over 2500 screens were sold out tonight. So there. Anyway. Here’s a quick and honest opinion of what I thought of the movie and experience. Continue reading

A Perfect Storm

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What happens when you put guitarist James Iha of the Smashing Pumpkins, bassist Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne, Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick and Taylor Hanson of Hanson in a room together? Surprisingly, The Best Idea Ever. It’s like they took the best parts of their bands and put it together to make an extremely fun mix of power pop, alternative rock and pop punk. The music is upbeat and tap-your-toes worthy, but not screechy, over synthesized and produced pop music. I love it because it looks and sounds like they’re all having fun. Happy music = happy people. Truth nugget.

The first song below is my favorite but the second one is their “hit single” slash the one they’re promoting the most. Also, try not to do the Carlton Dance to the second one. I dare you.

About Gossip Girl Tonight

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i needed this dress 5 days ago

This dress would not look good on me but I want it anyway.

[OMG Spoiler Alert]

A few things.

  1. I love how when everyone started freaking out and Nate tried to shush them, everyone ignored him. Of course they did.
  2. Rufus being all happy and humming down the street? So awkward and FORCED. I wanted to punch his smirky little smirk right off his face.
  3. I’m glad that Georgina’s little Jesus, Praise be to God stint is over because it was getting to be too much. If I wanted to hear preachy Christians I’d go to Tennessee. And the bit where she says “the bitch is back” and then puts on her sunglasses? Totally a cliche and totally worth it.
  4. But. I WILL thank sweet baby Jesus that someone finally cut Eric’s hair and got rid of the highlights.
  5. I don’t remember any exact quotes, but every episode just solidifies one thought in my mind: Chuck and Blair are the best actors/have the best writers in this show.
  6. The Lilly/Rufus spin-off looks stupid and I’m pissed that I’m not going to find out what happens with Georgina next week. Stupidheads.
  7. I want Blair’s green/gold dress.
  8. Do you think that Ed Westwick gets a headache from squinting and furrowing his brow all the time

UPDATE: From my friend Seth.

  1. I liked when Chuck said he loved Blair, but I did NOT like that he said it to Serena, not Blair.
  2. I liked how Jenny continues to desperately try to be relevant.
  3. I liked seeing Rufus unhappy because he sucks.
  4. I liked everything Georgina did, for a change.

Too Much Hugh [Possible Spoiler Alert?]

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sick_in_bedAfter spending three straight days sitting on my couch with the flu, I got really stir crazy today.  I guess that’s when you know you’re getting better–sitting on the couch has little to no appeal to you anymore.  So, what did I decide to do with my new freedom from the love seat?  I decided to go see Wolverine, which meant going to sit in another place for two hours.  Now that I think about it, that seems like the opposite thing to do to combat stir-craziness, but I’m still technically sick, so, oh well.

Moving on. Wolverine was a fun movie.  I mean, I was expecting a blockbuster/action type film and it came through–lots of fight scenes, a few explosions, a chase sequence, making out.  If you’re a girl or guy who loves Hugh Jackman, then this movie is for you.  Me?  I’m still not a Hugh fan.  I mean, he’s cute, but…meh.

There could have been more of pretty much the entire bottom row and the guy in the middle on the top row. The girl next to him was pretty, she can come too.

My bigger disappointment was with the lack of supporting characters.  I mean I realize that they’re supporting for a reason, but like I could have totally gone for a few minutes more of Riggins (one day I promise I’ll call him by his actual name), Ryan and heck even Charlie from Lost.

Anyway, Wolverine is an entertaining movie and I highly suggest seeing it if you want some good ‘ole blockbuster fun. Or some shirtless Hugh Jackman.