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If This Isn’t An Ad Alluding to Sex, I’ll Probably Be Disappointed

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Can you see this?  This is a billboard across from my office in SoHo/TriBeCa on Varick and Canal.  If you squint you can see it’s an unmade bed and it looks like it has just been sexed in.  The thing is, it’s been this way for about two weeks now and nothing else has changed–nothing has been added to it, no billboards around it have mentioned this boom boom bed, nothing.  So NOW, I am intrigued.  What is this billboard?  What is it advertising?  Sheets?  A hotel? A bed? A daytime affair service?  Mama needs some answers.

Fall Into the Memories

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So, thedith and I were talking and we’ve decided that this September has been especially crummy.  Everyone is all “blurg” and there’s no real reason, slash there is and it’s because the planets are wack according to astrology.  So, while I’m moping about I thought about being mellow and lame, which led me to this youtube wonder:

Which then led to these:

Dear Gap,

Please bring back these random commercials.  They were pointless yet entertaining.  What’s not to love about singing or dancing models?  Well, a lot actually, but I mean it’s better than those annoying free credit report commercials, which I’m not even going to link to because I hate them so much.  So Gap, think about it.

Kisses and Bubbles,


Correct Application of Baby Oil

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