You Know What, I’m Going To Say It: I Don’t Think Johnny Depp Is Good Looking

Johnny Depp is on the cover of this month’s GQ and I mean, sure he’s cute, and I’m not saying I have the greatest choices in guys, but I just don’t get. I have two main qualms:

1. Related to the previous post about facial hair (shiver), JD always has a weird goatee going on.  To some this might be cute but to me, it’s just…dirty. You’re not Jack Sparrow anymore.

2.  STOP STEALING TITLES AWAY FROM PEOPLE WHO DESERVE THEM MORE.  Granted, these are titles that don’t really matter, but still. Sexiest man? No, Johnny Depp. I don’t think so. Ryan Reynolds? Yum. Robert Pattinson? HELL YES. Most Stylish Man? I don’t think so, Johnny Depp. Joshua Jackson? You bet (Thank you Diane Kruger). Daniel Craig? Sexy and stylish.

So, there you have it. Ladies who love him? He’s all yours.

[Editor’s note: Props for staying out of the spotlight and dating a hot French woman. I may not think you’re hot, but I respect you, so there’s that.]

2 Responses to “You Know What, I’m Going To Say It: I Don’t Think Johnny Depp Is Good Looking”

  1. Who wrote this?? an idiot?? johnny is the most BEAUTIFULL and good looking man on the planet,and NOBODY CAN DENY IT! Maybe he is dirty and unkempt but he is so SEXY.And How can you say that him has no stile..are you crazy?? Everybody in hollywood copy him. And this TITTLE IS FOR HIM;NOBODY ELSE can get it,ONLY JOHNNY,he is the number one,God bless you baby

  2. And I tell you that I find this now! AND ABOUT STOP STEALING TITTLES AWAY FROM PEOPLE…WHO DESERVE IT”?? ROBERT WITH THAT FLAT FACE?…THAT YOU CALL SEXY?COME ON…he is ONLY A FASHION,yes he is young but that dosen’t mean that he is hot ..I DON’T THINK SO,and who is the other?? Daniel craig???? COME ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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