Cover Wars

Can You Discover – Discovery Vs. Can You Tell – Ra Ra Riot

Okay, so I know that lead singer, Wes Miles is in both Ra Ra Riot and Discovery, so this is technically less a cover, and more like a re-mix or something?

The Breakdown

Can You Discover: Stripping the song down to some pretty dizzying synthesizer work and a kind of bare callipso-esque beat, the Discovery version is simple, yet surprisingly kind of sexy if you like electronic music. And, if you know me, you know I love electronic music.

Can You Tell: Hooowever, if you really know me, then you know that, deep down, if you really want to win my heart all you need is a good melody, soaring instrumentals, and some vocal work I can believe in, all of which Can You Tell has.

Verdict: I’m gonna go with Ra Ra Riot on this one.  While I dig Can You Discover, I feel like it just wants to smoke a bowl, get in my pants, then ditch me the next morning to pass out in its own bed, and then have brunch at 3pm with its loser friends at La Taqueria, never to call me ever again.  Can You Tell on the otherhand, wants to like, hold my hand, and at least have a little foreplay before knockin’ boots.  And that, my friends, is what you want out of this song.  Can You Tell, call me.

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