Wait, What Decade are We Supposed to be Nostalgic for Again?

Because like, two weeks ago, it was the 90s, right?  Seriously, last month we were all wearing plaid and some derivative of Doc Marten boots.

Doc Martens: I would be lying to you if I said I don't actually kind of want a pair

And, before that, we were all up in the 80’s George Foreman (thanks, Mariah, for that new catchphrase) dressed in leggings and leather jackets.  Before that? Hipsterettes (and some daring hipsterdudes) were all about hippy headbands worn across the forehead…and now we’re all lementing the loss of this current decade– the decade that doesn’t have a name — the aughts?  And all this decade nostalgia is making my head hurt (or maybe it’s my hippy headband, I think I’m wearing it too tightly across my forehead?)

Anyway, the point is, I was kind of resistant to 90’s nostalgia when it started up, but now I kind of like it.  Flannel’s really comfy, and boots keep you warm in the winter. And don’t try to tell me Ryder Strong and Jonathan Brandis weren’t total dreamloafs!

Before ther was JTT, or Leo, there was Jonathan Brandis

Rider Strong: The Reason I watched TGIF after Fullhouse was cancelled

You know what, I’ll be damned if I’m gonna give up my 90’s nostalgia just to make way for the new year (and decade) So, sayonara Ohties, you were fun while you lasted (no, really, you were, keep in touch) it’s just that I’d rather wax nostalgic about you once you’re already gone.

Cue the 90’s music:

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