Public Service Announcement

Hope you enjoyed the holidays/time off from work/excuse to stuff your face with cookies and pie.  This holiday season I decided to treat myself to actually utilizing that tumblr account I created a year ago.  Annnnnd so I did.  At like 2am I created Found Objects, a blog of everyday life, told through pictures.  Don’t worry, I’m not cheating on this blog with another blog, it’s really just a photo-blog side project.  You know how Jack White has both The White Stripes and The Raconteurs? It’s like that.

So, wipe that snot off your face.  This is still the place to come to if you want to read random musings, watch random videos, and lust after daily crushes.  Found Objects is just kind of the visual supplement to my life on the West Coast (and wherever else I may go).  And, if you’re still confused, I really don’t know what I can do to help you.  I mean, it’s a pretty easy concept? But here’s Rod Stewart covering a Smokey Robinson song (thanks for the CD, Mel):

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