3:30am Review of “New Moon”

I just saw a midnight screening of New Moon. Yeah. I was one of those girls. One of the many.  Over 2500 screens were sold out tonight. So there. Anyway. Here’s a quick and honest opinion of what I thought of the movie and experience.

  • If you like the book, the movie is perfect. Seriously. It’s dead on, brings the story to life, kills all the boring parts and doesn’t make you have to suffer through Stephenie Meyer’s insufferable writing.
  • This movie clearly had a bigger budget. The lighting is better, the vampire running sequences are better, the sparkle effect is better and even Alice’s hair is better. (Although, what the hell happened to Jasper’s hair is beyond me.)  Sure the wolverine effects are kind of “meh” but seriously? I’m not paying money for the freaking wolverine effects. Please. They were good enough.


    Hey, Alice. I'm really happy they fixed your hair so you don't look like the crazy fairy that you used to.

  • If you are a pedophile and like shirtless scenes of Taylor Lautner, you will enjoy this movie–like everyone in my theater who was apparently “Team Jacob.” I was expecting squeals for Robert Pattinson.  Nope. Every time the kid showed up on screen every girl had a hissy fit. This was news to me, then again, I’m immersed in Robert Pattinson news so, my bad. Tweens: he’s all yours.


    "It's like they filled the boring plot with his naked body," said Annie, my co-worker who attended with me. She is correct.

  • Since Edward is absent for 75% of the story, I appreciate director Chris Weitz’s effort to put Robert Pattinson into the movie whenever possible.  Even if it’s in wispy half-assed clouds.  It’s the thought that counts.
  • Anna Kendrick, who plays the shallow and selfish Jessica, is freaking brilliant and hilarious. I can’t wait to see her in Up In The Air with George Clooney (and is getting Oscar buzz for her performance in that movie). She stole the scene she was in with KStew.
  • The more I see Kristen Stewart in interviews, the more I realize she is perfect for this role. She is Bella Swan and now I’m pretty convinced that she and Robert Pattinson are dating.  Whatever, let them be awkward together. For now.

    They're probably making out in real life RIGHT NOW.

  • I was surprised by the lack of spectacle at the theater.  Granted we got there at 10:15pm (still early) but the line wasn’t long and we actually didn’t even wait outside.  No one wore costumes or brought posters…Annie, Seth and I were kind of disappointed.  We were probably at the wrong theater.


    None of this at the 34th Street theater, sadly.

2 Responses to “3:30am Review of “New Moon””

  1. Unadulterated words, some unadulterated words man. You made my day!

  2. Thanks for this good review

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