Daily Crush

This is from the Vanity Fair shoot for the December issue.  All of the pictures are just perfect: slight preppiness, scruff, disheveled hair, being British…Swoon.  Normally I don’t do a detailed daily crush post, but since Vanity Fair shot these, they’re really great–the coloring, lighting, angles, SUBJECT, etc.  Ok, I sound like a creeper.  Whatever. It happens. The rest are after the jump.  Enjoy.

Robert Pattinson – Vanity Fair Pictures [ROBsessed]

Are you kidding me with those blue eyes?

Seth's Favorite


Reading into my soul, per usual.

My second favorite - I love a Irish sweaters, sue me. And that hair.

Um, I'm sorry. Why are you sucking your thumb? And my great uncle Marty wants his coat back.

This is sexy.

This feels awkward, but I'll take it.

Rob looks sad. You know what'll cheer him up? A good snuggle.

Emphasizing the infamous hair.

He actually looks pretty tortured here, after the whole Twilight thing is over he needs to go on a long vacation and away from everyone.

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