Did You Know There is a Song About Cheese Curds?

Because there is! According to Wikipedia, “The New York Times in 1911 reported on an ancient Celtic song, dating from the 12th century, that mentioned cheese curd, perhaps the first musical reference to the most musical of cheeses:”

“Visions of MacGonlannee”

Stately and pleasantly it sat,
A compact house and strong.
Then I went in:
The door of it was hung beef,
The threshold was dry bread,
Cheese-curds the walls. […]

So there’s that.

Cheese Curds [Wikipedia]

One Response to “Did You Know There is a Song About Cheese Curds?”

  1. so, i’ve thought about it, and i still don’t get this whole cheese curd thing. that does NOT look like cheese…are you sure this isn’t like a Cheez-its dealio?
    ….I’m never gonna understand, am I?

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