Live: From the Midwest, It’s Conservatism and Apple Pie

Usually I only go back to Wisconsin for the big holidays, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving, but this weekend I returned to the land of cheese because my friends Emily and Luke got married after about 8 years of dating. I was there when they started dating and at almost every step along the way, so it was really exciting to see them finally get hitched.  I’ve never been home in the fall so I also got my fill of apples, comfort food and a hefty amount of conservative talk–because nothing says Autumn like denouncing gay marriage and mashed potatoes. Hand in hand, really.

Luke and Emily’s wedding was the first friend’s wedding I’ve been to and it was so much fun. If this is what all weddings are like, I want all my friends to get married so I can go to them.   So, for all two of you that are reading this out there, hop to it.

Anyway, the mass was Catholic and even though I grew up Catholic I haven’t been to church in, um (sorry God) 5 years?, I was thrown for a loop once the homily began. I guess the priest was a little conservative because he decided to use the time for Luke and Em to promote his own agenda.  What agenda would that be? Oh, the anti-gay marriage and procreation agenda.   Yeah.  That happened.  I mean, I know I haven’t been to church in a while but I know that’s not what usually goes down. At the end, the priest brought it back to the couple and it all ended well.  Rings were exchanged and after eight years of dating, the two best friends made if official. Happiness!

The reception lacked the conservative awkwardness, thankfully.  The music was awesome, I danced a lot (evidence by the fact that I couldn’t feel my feet), and the food was delicious!  I sat at one of two singles table (the awesome one, clearly) and sat next to my ex-boyfriend’s brother and had a freaking blast (or at least I did).  His dad joined us at some point and we all shot the shit and talked about New York, Chicago, LA, other people and drank beer.  I consider that a great time.

My brother was in town this weekend too, so after the wedding, he, my mom and I went to this bar and ordered insane amounts of Pommes Frites, Sweet Potato fries and Belgian beer.  We also laughed our asses off.  At one point I think my mom said something about how she was driving home so she just wanted one more sip of beer?  Yeah.  What? I don’t know.  I just had an awesome Saturday.

Then on Sunday, my mom and I went to a farm and got bushels of apples and she made apple crisp, home made apple sauce then mashed potatoes.  So, she fattened me up.  Which is great considering Wisconsin was freaking 34 degrees all weekend which was out of control, but typical Wisconsin?  Ick, I’ll pass.

3 Responses to “Live: From the Midwest, It’s Conservatism and Apple Pie”

  1. Grandma Giss Says:

    Hi Mels,
    Great fun reading about all your fun. I am happy for you. Yes, you can’t beat the mid west for a wedding, raising kids, eating cheese and cooking apples. Apples and cinnamon, the best perfume ever! Come get a hug!

    Love you.

  2. YESSSSS!!! I love the pic of us squinting/blinking/being tipsy. After that long mass, at least we gave everyone a break and didn’t have a receiving line! So much fun – SO happy you could make it :)

    • But you sort of had a receiving line…with the Marquette blow up! I had such an awesome time, I’m so so happy for the two of you.

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