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Anderson Cooper Likes This

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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives of Atlanta

And so do I.  Why?

1. Kim’s “hit” single “Tardy for the Party”.

2. NeNe.

3. Lisa has two kids with 90’s R&B singer Keith Sweat that she’s legally not allowed to talk about on the show.

3. TLC’s T-boz makes an appearance.

4. Kandi WROTE “No Scrubs”.

5. Sheree’s fashion show to debut her clothing line “She by Sheree” is such a disaster, she doesn’t even have clothes to show, so they just tape some sketches on the wall for people to walk around looking at — and Sheree’s all, “So what?” When confronted about it.

6. Lisa’s Asian family.

7.  The “Alter Ego Photoshoot”

8. Kim’s wig line.

9.  The fact that they’re always drunk.

10. Did I mention Sheree had a fashion show without any clothes?

Below, a brilliant recap of the first two episdoes of the second season.  Someone give this guy a show — or, at least a sedative.

Sometimes This Happens

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There I was, talking to Nikki on the phone, chillin’ on the couch, staring out the window at the night-time version of our awesome view when, a light flicked on in the apartment behind us, revealing a cluttered livingroom and a…topless old chubby woman?  She waddled a little closer to the window, revealing herself to be a completely naked old chubby woman.  I wanted to look away, but I could not stop looking.

“Nikki, I’m going to have to interrupt you here, because there is a naked woman walking around in her apartment.”

“Wait, what?”

“I thought she was just a topless woman, but then, oops! Turns out she’s not wearing any pants either!”


“I can’t stop watching.”

Ugly Naked Gal commenced straightening up her livingroom in all her ugly naked glory.  She picked up a package, waddled into the next room, revealing an ugly pale tan line on her ugly naked bum.  This was enthralling.  People like this DO exist.

When I got off the phone with Nikki, I rushed down the hallway to tell Dana, my roomate.

“Dana! You’ll never guess what just happened –”

“Naked neighbor?” Dana casually answered as if I had just asked her the time.

“Yeah, how’d you know?”

“Taylor and I have seen her before.  Welcome to the party. It’s an ugly one.”

I laughed for a second, but then grew pensive.  Because, I mean, who am I kidding here? This is totally me in thirty years.

Daily Crush

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I Saw This

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So, I can cross seeing Hayao Miyzaki’s Ponyo off my to do list.  While I can’t say that I really understood what was going on in the movie — despite the fact that all the voices were done by English speaking actors, and everything was in English…it sure was fun to look at.  The movie was all traditional, hand-drawn animation.  And the backgrounds were done in colored pencil and pastels which was really awesome.   I’m forced to make the conclusion that the stellar reviews it got from The New York Times, The New Yorker, et al. were based on the fact that the images were brilliant — not the storyline.

Reason #127: Why Mindy Kaling and I are Meant to be Besties

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Me too, Mindy.  Me, too.

Deep Thoughts

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Truth: The awesomeness of Darkwing Duck is not discussed often enough.

Because You Made it to the End of the Work Week!

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Warning: May Cause Office Rage

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Meredith: and, although i hate this song:

i do really like this performance i’m so conflicted!

Melanie: i hate that you have shown me this song more than three times 

Meredith: HAHAHAHA

Melanie: because i hate this song so much

Meredith: i know that i’ve shown it to you at least once before

Melanie: well once felt like three times because it’s that bad

Meredith: but i needed to drive home the point that the performance is so good but this song is so bad

Melanie: i can’t even watch

Meredith: like, i want to take this song in my bare hands and strangle it

Melanie: and kick it in the balls

11:00 AM what are those dancers doing

Meredith: then take a shit on its face

Melanie: and then sleep with it’s mother for good measure

Meredith: and best friend

11:01 AM

Melanie: what are those dancers doing? there is too much shimmying for this song

Meredith: and why are there like TEN synthasizers?

i like the one guy playing 2 at once

Melanie: i don’t even think one is being played

 is that a keyboard guitar?


Meredith: YES

where do we get a keytar?

Melanie:  i want a keyar and play it with my piano tie

Meredith: hahahahaha

omg there are no words for how angry i get when that song comes on the radio 

 it’s like that movie that was controversial back in the 50s or something, because whenever “jailhouse rock” would come on, the youth would riot that’s what “break my stride” is like everytime i hear that song i want to riot and break shit

Melanie: i will join you in that rebellion

Meredith: i picture them calling in building security picking you up, and you kicking your legs as they carry you out of the building

Melanie: and i’ll be convulsing foaming at the mouth allll because of that song

Meredith: “ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride, ain’t nothin’ gonna hold me do-wn, oh nooo!”

ugh that song ruined my morning not even “let’s stay together” can save it

Melanie: oh shut up

shut up

 i’m going to listen to jordin sparks* to try to erase that other horse poop from my memory


*This song is good enough to be posted twice within a week.


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Let’s taste the happy tears of Friday and watch the Arrested Development season 2 blooper reel.  You are welcome.  Pop Pop gets a treat if you watch until the end.