My Fleeting Attempt at Being a Fashionista

IMG00243-20090911-1514So I’ve lived in New York for about three years now and all this time I have never taken part in any fashion activities so this year I figured I should at least see what all the hubbub is about.  I should mention that it helps that I also have a contact at IMG who got me into fashion shows.  Lesson here kids: it’s never what you know, it’s who you know. Don’t stay in school, just learn how to mingle and fake a degree from an Ivy League or at least FIT.

FASHION’S NIGHT OUT – Thursday night

The week of bunioned feet began with what the fashion industry hopes to be an annual holiday (despite a lack of sales). Anna Wintour hoped to get everyone into the stores to spend money to stimulate the economy and “protect the city’s fashion’s creativity and diversity.” Unfortunately for the economy but fortunately for freeloaders everywhere, the event actually turned out into a shitshow of throngs of girls and gays drinking mingling, drinking incredible amounts of champagne and teetering in and out of stores to see who and what was in each one.  Although there were few shopping bags to be seen, there were alleged famous people in the crowds including the Olsen twins, Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron, Mischa Barton and probably more.  I, for one, saw Simon Doonan, and if you were on any VH1 “I Love the [Fill in the Blank]” you’re good enough for me.

MONARCHY – Friday afternoon

IMG00273-20090915-0036Honestly, I had never heard of Monarchy before my guy told me he had extra tickets for me.  I did a quick Google search and saw that he had some decent collections–nothing fancy, but if someone has a collection showing in Bryant Park, he has to be doing something right.  Since my boss knows that the one perk of my job is to attend a fashion show, she gave the OK to leave work for two hours to see the show.  So, with co-worker in tow, we hauled our butts up to the Tents and checked in.  Lesson #1: being on time to a show at fashion week means being early.  We took this opportunity to see everyone else coming in and relish in being in Bryant Park as Fashion Week Virgins.  Eventually the show started and we yay’ed or nay’ed each look that came down the runway as if we were editors in Vogue.  It must be said though, that the male models were utterly horrible.  Who knew that walking 45 meters was so difficult? These guys were either sprinting, slouching or hobbling their way down.  It was embarrassing.  The women, on the other hand, were wonderful, and displayed the clothes very well.  I loved the collection as a whole–it was just my style: preppy, clean with a tiny hint of an edge.

“Celebs” spotted under the tents: Russell Simmons, Lizzie Grubman, Janice Dickinson, Miss Jay, Rutina Wesley (she plays Tara on True Blood) Kellan Lutz, Annalynne McCord, Shannon Elizabeth, Vince (the Sham-Wow guy)

My favorite looks from the collection: 90606147_10.preview90606271_10.preview90606455_10.preview90606139_10.preview

VIVIENNE TAM – Saturday night

IMG00272-20090915-0036Saturday I felt über special by going to a fashion show on a Saturday night.  As I walked into the tents with people standing around trying to get in, I felt…entitled? bitchy? Anyway, as I waited for my friend Seth to join me, I helped myself to the complimentary cocktails at the sponsored bar and admired the fashions by the legitimate trendy people.  Eventually we sat down in seats that positioned me so close to the wall that I’m surprised there isn’t an imprint of the side of my head on there right now.  Regardless of the spot, I could still see each model walking down the runway and I could tell that although each look was well put together, I was not a fan.  Tam’s inspiration this season was 70’s with purple and green patterns that were very loose, flowy and had fringe, which does not mesh at all with my all around fashion outlook.  Perhaps I need to expand my outlook, but for now, no thank you.  Rachel Zoe will probably take one of everything though.  Oh, I love her.

“Celebs” spotted under the tents: Choire Sicha (blogger and new celeb bestie), Alexa Chung, Alex McCord, Danielle Staub, Lizzie Grubman, Jessica Stroup, mob of famous Asian girls.

My least favorite looks from the collection: 90642906_10.preview90643131_10.preview90642892_10.preview90642906_10.preview

Reflection on my first Fashion Week: I’m clearly aware of my “uncoolness” in that I neither attended any after parties nor did I have any sightings of “real” celebrities.  Even though I had the chance of attending another show on Sunday night, I turned it down because I was too tired and my feet were extremely sore from walking in heels for three straight days.  I clearly need to train for next season if I decide to go, which, let’s be honest, I’m dying to attend–I’m already picking out my shoes and potential outfits.

So sure, my first time I may have been extremely uncool–no after parties or real celeb sightings, but no matter what anyone thinks, I can say that I had an ultimate New York City experience: I attended a fashion show in Bryant Park and you know what? That feels pretty darn awesome.

3 Responses to “My Fleeting Attempt at Being a Fashionista”

  1. Your Mom :-) Says:

    Nice joby Melly. I love all the picture and the captions are entertaining. Please don’t do anything dangerous to get one of those bags!!

    Mom :-)

  2. Grandma Giss Says:

    Loved it!! Our girl out there–BIG TIME.

  3. Grandma Giss Says:

    Loved it!! That’s our girl, on the time BIG TIME

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