A Tale of Two Biddies

On Monday, Jezebel had a post about in article that ran in the Guardian, questioning why Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz, two actresses of similar age and dating…accomplishments? Get treated so very differently in the press.  That is: Why is the tabloid narrative on Jennifer Aniston of some sadsack Old Maid, unlucky in love? Meanwhile, Cameron Diaz’ tabloid narrative is one of a free-spirited, fun independent chick who just wants to have fun and date as many “hunks” as she can — and is awesome because of it?

I mean, listen, I can’t take Jennifer Aniston seriously as much as the next person, but her depiction in the press is kind of unfair.  Maybe Jennifer Aniston isn’t bad at love — maybe she’s really awesome at playing the field? How come no one’s ever thought of that? Yeah, that’s right, John Mayer, I see you…

That being said, if you have to compare my night of watching The Real World while eating half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to something a famous single actress would do,  please go for Cameron Diaz.  I ain’t no Jennifer Aniston.

How come Jennifer Aniston Is Lonely, But Cameron Diaz Is Lucky? [Jezebel]

Why Are Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston Treated So Differently? [Guardian]

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