Long Term Goals. [Mel Edition]

  1. Move to California in the next 12-18 months.
  2. Somehow find an apartment four blocks away from the ocean.
  3. Learn how to surf.
  4. Read more (and tween books don’t count) and play less solitaire on the subway
  5. Get a subscription to The New Yorker…and actually read it.
  6. Own a dog.
  7. Go back in time and smack myself for cutting my hair to my shoulders.
  8. Grow my hair so that it’s past my boobs.
  9. Travel to a vineyard in the South of France.
  10. Figure out why my bike is making a funny noise when I pedal.
  11. Go back in time and invest in Apple.
  12. Find a boyfriend in time for winter hibernation.

One Response to “Long Term Goals. [Mel Edition]”

  1. Deniiissssssse Says:

    You’re inspiring. My long-term goals:
    1) Don’t max out my credit card
    2) Pay off like 5% of my student loan debt cuz FUCK YOU, TUFTS
    3) Stay at one house for longer than 8 months
    4) At one point in my life, own a car that is less than 12 yrs old
    5) Learn how to morph into one of my idols (Britney, Lindsay, or Nicole Richie)
    6) Get a neck tattoo
    7) Similarly, convince someone to get a face tat a la Mike Tyson and then yell Gotcha! when they do
    8) Somehow figure out how to place an apostrophe in my name and then insist that people write/pronounce it


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