I Don’t Normally Like Models But…

Meet Andrew Cooper, he is one of the new faces of Gap for the Fall/Winter 2009 campaign and you know what?  SWOOON. I’m sure in real life he’s kind of fug and way too “model-y” but right now he is working the “All-American” angle quite well even though HE’S BRITISH–and even the homeless guy on the street knows how I feel about English accents. Also, not like it needs to be said, but just in case you weren’t aware, this is one guy that looks good with scruff. 

Fun  Fact! Andrew and Will are friends in real life!  Thanks TheCut!

4 Responses to “I Don’t Normally Like Models But…”

  1. wait, i don’t get it…is this one guy or two? which is the one you like? why’s the guy on the right wearing mom jeans? what’s going on here? FAILURE: SYSTEM OVERLOAD

    gahhhh i’m so confused. and exhausted. mel, don’t let me write on here exhausted anymore.

  2. I like the guy on the right better….

  3. oh, i should learn how to read. andrew’s the one on the right…

    ps, this ad is awfully done. it looks like a personals ad:
    william chalker — straight
    andrew cooper — easy

    tagline: i like my men the way i like my jeans: straight and easy

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