Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, If I Wrote Greeting Cards, This is What I’d Send You

Cheesy ones inspired by Will Smith in that movie Hitch.

Life’s not about the moments you breathe, but the moments that take your breath away**

Laughter is contagious, but a smile can cure the heart

Melanie: i just gagged…if you fight, don’t cry but if you don’t cry then you should fight

wait, what?

Some less traditional epigrams

The only thing better than winning an argument, is the make-up sex that follows

Crying is the heart’s way of telling you that your love is worth it

Making love is the celebration of three souls coming together as one.

Melanie:  three souls?

Meredith: three for threesomes
it’s a thinker
Melanie: ohhhh
**May actually be in Hitch

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