Coogin’: Revisited

Melanie:omg little neil patrick harris is adoraballs Meredith: awww doogie howser — baby NPH

7:21 PM Melanie: totes cute
want to smoosh his little face
and squish his hair
Meredith: hahahaha
maybe we SHOULD get into coogin
Melanie: dude we should
there is no downside
7:22 PM i mean, women outlive men anyway
Meredith: ew, baby penises
Melanie: why not get the leg up
Meredith: that’s what i think of
Melanie: ohhhh good call
Meredith: and, like, baby bare torsos because they can’t grow hair yet
that’s what i think of
but, i mean, the only way to get over it, is to do it
7:23 PM Melanie: i can’t wait to get older so i can find someone my age now?
or what?
Meredith: hahahahaha
Melanie: ugh, nevermind
Melanie: i no know whaz happenin
Meredith: hahahahahadrink less, ma

Melanie: yeah
i’m pretty sober now
i mean, i did bike home
7:24 PM
Meredith: hahahaha i mean, you learned the hard way what happens when you become a hipster/hippy and ride your bike out…i don’t think i like 23/24 year oldsi think they’re stupid
Meredith: i think i will only date  26 and up
maaaaaybe 25 orrr 18-20 year olds Melanie: sounds good
7:25 PM
Melanie: oooo i’m watching an ep where a girl is toooootally coogin on doogie
Meredith: hahahaha
Melanie: she’s like 35 and just kissed a 16 year old doogie
Meredith: ew omg what?
how was that okay?
the 80s, man
7:26 PM rules were different
Melanie: i guess so
Meredith: ew. no.
no she does not
Melanie: she sure does
Meredith: ew
Melanie: season 1 episode 2
the 80s
Meredith: how does this episode exist?
shii-iiit doogie howser, ahead of its time
Melanie: apparently
7:29 PM Meredith: that’s kind of disturbing
Melanie: i can’t believe this is happening
7:30 PM Meredith: me neither. jeeeeeez
okay, i do not like the urban dictionary definiton of a puma
Melanie: hahah i want to hear it
Meredith: which is a woman in her 20s or 30s who likes younger guys?
that makes no sense:
7:32 PM “A young woman typically in the age range of 20 to 32. They lurk in the shadows of bars and clubs wearing the newest fashions and listening to the trendiest music. They mostly hunt in packs for a man typically younger than them that they can string around for the night and make there boy toy. They sometimes travel with a Cougar or two, these are there mothers. Be warned being mauled by a Puma is better than a Cougar or Sabretooth”
so, a 20 year old can be a baby cougar! that’s ridiculous. babies can’t be cougars.
i hate soceity
i’m gonna drop out
become a hippy
7:34 PM and make free love to 19 year old boys without judgment
7:35 PM slash, i don’t know why i keep lying like this, i can really only date older guys
7:36 PM can’t help it. born this way.
Melanie: HAHAHA
7:37 PM i wish i could date younger

Melanie: slash i’ve never tried

7:38 PM Meredith: speaking of dating younger
Meredith: i’d totally coog these kids:
siiiiigh i live in this city…naked bike riding? typical
Melanie: hahahaha
7:39 PM gross
Meredith: i’d coog the boy in the windbreaker in the first picture
oh what? he’s 14? so
Melanie: HAHAHA
7:40 PM gurl i dig your standards
Meredith: hahahah
i’ll steal that as my pick up line
7:41 PM boy, i like your big wheel
i think it’s time i showed you how to ride without training wheels
Melanie: oooo i like
work it

NSFW Critical Mass Photos, 7/31 [SFist]

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