If I Title This Post “En Vogue” Is That Lame?

fashionI like to browse lots of street fashion blogs like Facehunter and Garance Dore.  Not because I’m pretentious, superficial, or any other moded adjective people like to throw out there to condemn people who are interested in/by fashion. No, I like street fashion blogs because I’m one of those boring people who thinks it takes creativity — not just buckets of money, to dress with style.  I mean, anyone can “dress well” — i.e. in the latest fashion, but not everyone has style.  I’m talking about the ability to wear jeans and a white tee, and make it look good.  Or, conversely, the ability to wear something completely ridiculous — and make it look good.  I’m telling you, nothing gives me a bigger boner than seeing a really well-put-together, creative outfit (the least expensive the better) that makes me think why didn’t I think of that — and how can I pull that off myself? While waiting online at Starbucks, or trying to hail a cab on Market street.  Oftentimes I admire these people; other times I hate these people. But always, I want to be them. For further examples of this, see: Kate Moss, or The French.

And now, a sidenote on the French: why is it, that the French are just so much cooler? This isn’t even a stereotype, it’s true.  If there’s one thing I learned during my time in Paris, it’s where to find the best Belgian pommes frites (in Oberkampf).  But, if I learned a second thing, it’s this: The French are just so much cooler.  Seriously, walk down the street. A two-year-old toddling down the street picking his nose, is cooler than you — a 20-something kid wearing a Northface Fleece (and, let’s face it Uggs boots).  I’m sorry.  Just like I didn’t tell you to buy that Northface before you went off to college (and keep wearing it once you graduated…), I didn’t make the rules on coolness.  I just write them down, and enforce them.  Below, my favorite example of how a look that looks totally doofy on most* Americans looks really super cool on the French:

These boys are way super cooler than The Jonas Brothers

Super cool

Even worse: these boys are probably like sixteen-years-old.  If coogin’ in Paris is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right…

*Some Americans can actually pull this look off.  They’re what we call “an exception.” And, even though, unlike Mel, I don’t get crushes very easily, I probably have a crush on you.

via [Easy Fashion]

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