I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Hipster

I’m almost there–I have a vintage bike with a basket, a straw hat and dirty-ish hair.  Now, I just need:

Worn in flannel shirt

A Worn in Flannel Shirt

Pick up smoking.

Pick up smoking.

A Cardigan

A Cardigan

Chunky, thick-framed glasses

Chunky, thick-framed glasses

A checkered scarf

A checkered scarf

A Tattoo of random meaningfulness

A tattoo of random meaningfulness

One Response to “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Hipster”

  1. thedith Says:

    i have 4 out of 6…what does that make me? i smell a future blog post!…also, the tattoo’s not supposed to mean anything at all– that’s the point.

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