International Bingo

Picture 7So last weekend ABC Family decided to run a Harry Potter movie marathon in preparation for the sixth movie coming out on Wednesday, of which I am super, effing, excited.  While watching this english accent infested movie, I decided that I should make out with more international people.  I mean, on Thursday I did make out with a dude from Argentina.  Previous countries on the MO list include: Ireland, England, Norway, South Africa and China.  I guess that’s a lot, so I figure, why not make a game out of it?  And, this is how international bingo came about.  It’s not about quantity, it’s about strategy.

My new roommate went to boarding school in England so she’s kind of about the scenester places where all the international people happen to converge and be beautiful and rich together.  So, if all goes to plan, and I continue to hang out with her this summer, I should be well on my way to “winning” the game.  But really, even if I’m a square or two off, aren’t I still coming out of the situation in a good place?  This is why I like this game, everyone’s a winner.

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