When Fans Go Crazy/Why Didn’t I Think Of This?

Why yes, these are sequined items made to look like “Golden Snitches” from Harry Potter. Normally I’d think, “Oh hey, that’s kind of cool. I’ll put one on my backback” or something, but then you read the description only to find out they are actually nipple covers. Yes, pasties and the creator of these decorative items plans to wear them at the premier of the movie on Wednesday.

I usually wear a standard gryffindor outfit; a tie over a white shirt, grey skirt with gryffindor colours trim, and a gryffindor scarf. My plan is to wear the pasties under my white shirt and unbutton onstage at the costume contest for a big reveal.

Sometimes I hate people, but today? People are effing awesome.

One Response to “When Fans Go Crazy/Why Didn’t I Think Of This?”

  1. boggartblog Says:

    If you are fed up of the merchandising hype attached to the Harry Potter movie, are put off by the thought of long queues or just object to the price of tickets you can read the story of the alternative boy wizard in Gary Trotter and the Portal Of Pleasure. Not for kids maybe but a hell of a lot more laughs that the Rowling version. And the stories only take five minutes each to read.

    Gary Trotter and the Portal Of Pleasure

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