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Daily Crush

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Bryan Greenberg

Adventures in Great Theme Songs

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Today brings us the new boy in then neighborhood, who lives downstairs from me…Charles in Charge.  In the late 80’s/early 90’s, America couldn’t get enough of shows about the hijinx that ensue when wacky nannies live with spoiled children and their uptight parents, like they’re one of the family. (see: Who’s the Boss, The Nanny).  Charles in Charge has the best theme song of all these.  Sorry, Danza…

Twitter While You Work

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My temp job working at a non-profit for retired people is almost up.  But first, I got to go to the annual luncheon, held at a restaurant in Ghiradelli Square.  This really wouldn’t have been so painful if I hadn’t suddenly realized today, that between this job and working at the restuaurant, I haven’t had a day off since a week from last Tuesday; that I won’t have a day off until at least this up-coming Tuesday, and that I’m working from 10am until 11pm tonight.  Needless to say, I was in no mood to go shmooze with a crowd full of Senior Citizens this morning.

Truthfully? It wasn’t that bad.  I got a free three-course meal, some wine, and a business card from an accountant who teaches Tichi.  Not too shabby.  I also got really bloated, and needed to make a run for the bathroom in the middle of some local government councilman’s speech about high speed trains.  I felt like I was slowly exploding.  Who cares about high speed trains? How about high speed speeches? THANKFULLY my boss called, “Last question!” And once this was answered, I bolted for the door.

“Now it’s time for the raffle.  Lois will be picking the tickets, aided by Meredith.  Meredith?”  Eighty-five senior citizens turned towards me, mid-bolt.  My hand was on the door knob.

“Oops!” A portly fellow chuckled as he ducked under my arm to leave the room.

“But, I have to. Go to. The” I wimpered to no one, as I grudgingly backtracked into the room.  Escape: Thwarted.

Below, you will find my live tweeting (?) of the luncheon. For those unfamiliar with twitter, it’s in chronological order, with the earliest posts starting at the bottom.


  1. thedith annnd we’re done! thanks for not blocking me…second time showing free ghiradelli samples here i come!

  2. thedith immodium!

  3. thedith escaped to the bathroom. you can only hear so much about how to grow peas…tip: they like cold weather

  4. thedith salmon w cream sauce, mashed potatoes, steak – for LUNCH i maaaay vom. my stomach un = to happy right now…

  5. thedith indoors. she wears the sunglasses indoors. always. fuckin’ geriatric rockstar

  6. thedith i will only grow old if i’m allowed to rock a beret, oversized designer sunglasses, and a quilted chanel bag like that lady over there

  7. thedith is it unprofessional to drink a bloody mary on the job? ‘intravenous drugs’ is not on the menu

  8. thedith chaos at the check in!

  9. thedith t/f: i am hiding from the obg’s until it’s time for the luncheon?

  10. thedith live tweeting the oldies but goodies luncheon – first up, going to the ghiradelli store JUST for the free samples

Wait, You Mean I Never Told You That Story?

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It’s been an inappropriately long time since I’ve written an inappropriately long post, and you know, I feel badly about that.  I really do. Problem is, I’m getting lazy, and feeling less inclined to write epic re-caps of fleetingly random moments.  I really do feel badly about this. I do.  I’m sure you do as well (you do?). So, to kick off the weekend, I bring you an old inappropriately long story, that will seem new to you, because you’ve never heard it before — unless you’re the person(s) who received this email way back when, and in that case: isn’t it fun to reflect on my our lives?

Subject: So, I went to the office on a Saturday…

Because I’m at work on a Saturday, I decided to write people emails, instead of working on these stupid sponsorship contracts I’ve been writing up.  Take THAT Showtime network!!

Sooo last night I went out with my roomate for the first time since I’ve been here. We went to a random friend of a friend’s house party, where she became obsessed with this hipster Indian dude with shaggy/whispy emo hair and a scull cap that he almost lost his shit over when someone tried to take it off him. I even played the best Wingwoman ever, and started talking to his friend, who is apparently some African prince from The Congo (no, really)  but he currently lives in LA, but also, he’s boring. and I gave him my number, then pretended to take down his, because this was good for his self-esteem. Sooo anyway, my roomate makes her move on Trendy McHipster, and she spend the rest of the party chatting him up. Then, it’s time to go home, we can’t find them which sucks because I have like $8 dollars – in 1’s (laundry or strip club money?) and we live across the city from Hipsterville. I return druuuunjlk to an empty apartment (Bernie Madoff, my other roomate, is in Tahoe for the weekend, skiing on slopes of my money…) and I’m feeling dramatic, so I start writing sad-sack emails on my phone about how I got Ponzi schemed by my roomate. Which is funny because today, I don’t even care that much…

Annnywayyyy I’m dramatically flopped across my bed, writing a drunk, dramatic email on my phone, doing my best Nicole Richie pre-baby/Joel Madden/cleaned-up-act-impression — when my roomate drunkenly returns, doing her best drunk roomate impression.
“It’s okay, my roomate’s probably asleep.” I hear her drunk whisper (i.e. normal person bellow) as she walks down the hallway. “Ohhhh…heyyy!” She feigns enthusiasm when she walks past my room trailed by hipsterman/boy.

Lonnggg story short, today, I fiiinally made myself leave my apartment at noon, and he was still there! Our walls are thin, and I could hear him laughing and talking up a storm, making no effort to leave. Ever. Like, longest one night hook up ever. He’s bold, this one. Also, I’m pretty sure he peed on the floor by the toilet….

Rad Things

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Gawker actually stole my idea, or, okay fine just posted it first.  So, I’m not going to even try, when they did it best.  Here are Michael Jackson’s 10 best videos.

Below, the debut of the infamous Moonwalk

Michael Jackson’s Epic Music Videos [Gawker]

Sad Face

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Michael Jackson just passed away.  He suffered a fatal heart attack.  He was 50 years old.  Commemorative post to follow.

Michael Jackson is Dead [LA Times]

A Little Something to Help You Through the Work Day

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I’m Not Really a “Fashionista”

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But I do work in magazines and I’m soooo excited for The September Issue, which is a documentary of Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue.  The September issue is usually the biggest issue in terms of Ad sales for all magazines, but Vogue‘s is always the biggest, last year’s came in at a whopping 972 pages.  Working on the publishing side, I see all that goes into getting ads for September, which means the edit side must be even more hectic because they have to produce a book that’s worth reading…if you can find the edit between all the ad pages.

Anyway, as someone who would love to look as fashionable as the models in Vogue and the girls who work there, I’m really looking forward to the movie.  They seem to go behind the scenes, really talk to Anna, who appears to be exactly how Meryll Streep portrayed her in The Devil Wears Prada.  At one point in the preview she says, “This type is so large and pretentious. It looks like it’s for blind people.”  I mean, come on.  How can this not be amazing?

I Like This

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So, at the cable car stop at Lombard and Mason, someone defaced enhanced a poster for that Sandra Bullock/Ryan Reynolds movie The Proposal.

the proposal

Adventures in Great Theme Songs

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Today’s Adventures in Great Theme Songs brought to you by everyone’s favorite redheaded, same name brothers, Big Pete and Little Pete — aka The Adventures of Pete and Pete.  I’ll admit, this show was weird, sometimes gross, and took me a really long time to like.  On the plus side, it had a really rockin’ theme song that still holds up as a legit song on its own today.