A Gchat With a Dude

Meredith: i dunno, an underwear company is a weird idea to me

Adam: maybe because of your prudish Victorian attitudes haha

Meredith: haha nooo. i’m all for going out and buying nice underwear. but american apparel style underwear? why do i need basic cotton underwear?
if i need that i’ll go to like, the gap, not some random brand
Adam: i forgot what the actual concept was but it was pretty cool
Meredith: personally, i don’t believe in buying underwear that’s not nice
Adam: men and women think different about underwear
Meredith: that is true
it’s more important for a girl to have good underwear, unfortunately
guys can wear whatever they want, but girls have to impress people. it’s exhausting
Adam: well you just have to wear the correct sized bra
[Ed Note: Uh, not true, dude.  True, few people ever actually see your underwear (let’s hope), but don’t you want to impress the select few who do? But then again, if Adam’s statement is true, and the only thing that matters is that you’re wearing the correct sized bra…then why the hell have I been spending so much money on underwear? Wait. Is this true?!]

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