Granted, I Need to Wash My Hair, Which Maybe He Confused as a Bird’s Nest

Last week, I met Caitlin for coffee on my lunch break.

Caitlin: Um, I think I think I just got attacked by a bird when I was walking along Front st.

Me: You got attacked by a bird?

Caitlin went on to explain that she swore a bird just flew into her head as she was walking down the street.  I thought maybe she was imagining things.  Perhaps she just got hit with a twig from a nearby tree? Birds don’t just fly into people.  Windows, yes, but people? Surprisingly…yes…

Meet “Swoops” The Front St. bird.  Apparently, his escapades attacking innocent pedestrians as they walk down the street have started to become a fun spectacle — that is until you incur his wrath.  Here’s a video of his work.  Watch until the end.

2 Responses to “Granted, I Need to Wash My Hair, Which Maybe He Confused as a Bird’s Nest”

  1. This phrase, is matchless)))

  2. It is remarkable, it is an amusing phrase

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