June Forecast: Gloom

What the eff, San Francisco? What’s with all this gray, rainy weather? June Gloom is supposed to be Southern California’s (suckers!) problem — not ours.  So why all the shitty weather? Did we do something wrong? Are we not composting enough? Not meeting our vegan quotiant? I’ll admit, the other day I went to Trader Joes and forgot to bring my re-usuable shopping bag…is this my fault? 

Or, has Southern California become so polluted with awfulness that it’s drifting up here? I guess we should have seen the signs back when two of Hollywood’s most insufferable personalities, Sharon Stone and Sean Penn, migrated up here.  And we do get bad smog days…

So what’s next? Real Housewives of Marin? An Ed Hardy store in the Marina? Has San Francisco become a suburb of LA — or worse — a really, really northern part of Los Angeles County? Pray for us, America.

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