Daily Crush

Ok, so I realize that he’s posted twice, but I saw The Hangover today and it was pretty funny.  I didn’t think it was as hilarious as some people are saying, but I did laugh a lot and the credits were awesome.  I feel like if I watch it again, I’ll like it more?  It was definitely gag/frat humor, which you need sometimes.  This movie also made me want to go to Vegas like nobody’s business.  Oh, and added bonus/spoiler alert?:  at the end all the guys were wearing tuxes.  Swooon.

Anyway, Mer and I decided that Bradley Cooper is extremely cute but the reason behind it isn’t his looks (though they are quite fine) but that he plays the same asshole character in all his movies and because we’re girls, we’re automatically attracted to jerks.  It’s true.  He’s probably the worlds biggest jerkface, but I’ll keep on crushing–it’s totally healthy.

But seriously?  That neckbeard?  What is happening there?  Yikes.

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