It’s Like a Race, Except Wearing Costumes…and Drunk

While trying to come up with costume ideas for San Francisco’s annual race across the city/excuse to drink before noon, Bay to Breakers, I found two awesome websites. The first, got me really excited for the event:

This is the one day every year that apparently it is socially acceptable to get drunk before noon, and wear little to no clothing. Most groups come dressed in a theme of some sort, and many of them push “floats” that go along with their costumes, but are really just creative ways to bring a keg along. 


The second is a website for “naturalists” called (NSFW). Yup.

In any case, if you have any ideas on what I should do for Bay to Breakers, let me know, I’m stumped.  And no, “naked” is (probably) not gonna happen.

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