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You Got Served

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This has been floating through the interweb for a while, but my sister-in-law just showed it to me again last night and I love it.  Why?  Well, seeing as I tell people off frequently, sometimes I’m just not sure if I’ve used “oh snap” correctly, and yes, I wonder this daily, even minutely.  A majority of the time (read: 99%) I’m right, but really HOW AM I TO KNOW FOR SURE?  Well, thank sweet baby Jesus, there is now there’s a nifty diagram to help me.

Now, you can go tell people off without fear of rejection.  Or something.

At least there’s a bright side

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andrea: i may have read a study about tamiflu making you psychotic?
andrea: i may be making that up
andrea: but don’t kill anyone!
melanie: ANDREA
andrea: just warning you!!
andrea: just lock yourself in your room!
andrea: i just googled it
andrea: hallucinations, not psychotic behavior
andrea: you’re in the clear!

Daily Crush

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aka John Casey from ChuckMy friend Molly suggested this guy for today’s Daily Crush and I totally agree.  Meet Adam Baldwin, aka John Casey from Chuck.  His character is hilarious and definitely makes the show even better.  He looks like this on the show, but this picture is so silly.  Plus he’s in a sport coat and you know how I do.

Talk About Poor Timing

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So I have the flu and no it’s not farm animal related.  It’s just the normal, run of the mill, fever and chills flu, and I just so happend to get it during this awesome epidemic.  My mom immediately panicked when she heard I was sick and read me the symptoms of “swine flu” and hey guess what, they’re the same as the regular flu.  Honestly, I just have really crappy timing.  I have not made out with pigs recently, unless you count the d-bags in Boston as pigs (HEY-O!, kidding, I didn’t even make out with anyone there), nor have I had any contact with anyone who has recently been to Mexico.  And yet, this won’t matter.  I’ll be “pig flu” girl or something.  Ugh, stupid.  Now excuse me, I have to go get a blanket, I’m freezing even though it’s 90 degrees out.  Oh wait, now I’m sweating. FML.

Approval Matrix

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20090428_twittermatrixb_900I love the NYM approval matrix.  The geeks over there have decided to use the same logic to decide what celebs are worth and not worth following on Twitter.

The Twitter Approval Matrix [NYMag]

Daily Crush

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What can I say? I love a guy in a suit.

He’s cute when the smiles too.

Why Didn’t We Think of This?

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Mel brought this to my attention.  Screw Susan Boyle and her “voice of an angel” audition on Britain’s Got Talent, THESE guys have got talent.

I’m pretty sure this is the best show on television right now. Sorry, Celebrity Apprentice

UPDATE: If the above video doesn’t work, check it out on youtube HERE

I Hope There is a Vaccine for This

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That horn isn't magical. It's filled with disease and death.


Meredith: i think i’m coming down with cenataur flu

me: unicorn flu is next
should we alert the media?
Meredith: i dunno, i heard there’s a conspiracy to keep unicorn flu secret
it’s an issue of national mythical creatures security or something
i dunno, a lepprechaun was telling me all this, but you know how they are…(eye roll)

This Is Tweeting — We’re Tweeting Right?

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Entertainment Tonight co-host, Maria Menounos

Entertainment Tonight co-host, Maria Menounos

thedith@melsanie: need something to do while at sushi? follow maria menunos: …you’re welcome 8:33 PM  




melsanie@TheDith: omg. well, through her i found gerard “gerry” butler. (…)*. YOU are welcome. 8:50 PM  from web in reply to thedith

3000s Gerard Butler

3000's Gerard Butler


thedith@melsanie: i dunno, he just reminds me of “ps, i love you” and ps, i hated that movie 2:03 AM from web in reply to melsanie

This movie is the pits

This movie is the pits











*It appears Gerard Butler’s Twitter page is no longer working, BUT through Maria Menounos, I found Kim Kardashian.  Again, you’re welcome.

Want to Hug This Pig?

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Too bad.  You can’t.  Unless you want THE SWINE FLU. Womp womp.