I’m Easily Convinced

As someone who is easily persuaded, I buy into every infomercial.  I don’t spend money on the products but man, after watching those long adverts I am CONVINCED that whatever product they’re trying to hauk at me is the greatest invention in the world.  Because I have been laying horizontal for the past three days watching TV, I’ve had a chance to see a few, like Bendaroos, which are lame wax like strips and FunSlides, which seem like the most dangerous toy a kid can have.  Despite the fact that these were less than stellar infomercials, I still wanted to buy them.  Duh.  But I got to thinking of which infomercials were my favorite and I came up with these:

The Magic Bullet Part 1 It’s not necessarily the product that is amazing but the characters on this infomercial that really make this one my favorite.

The Magic Bullet Part 2.  IT’S A PARTY!

Kinoki Pads. So much ew-factor going on.

SNUGGIE.  omg it’s SO hard to answer my phone when I’m under a blanket.

SlapChop. It has that creepy CREEPY ShamWow guy, but it’s funny/awkward in that there are so many sexual innuendos and not enough time.  Click here to watch it in Spanish and here to see it being rapped.  People have way too much time on their hands.

Did I miss any?

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