Peace Out

On Friday, Bea Arthur passed away at age 86.  You probably know her as Dorothy Zbornak from The Golden Girls, aka. the original Sex and the City.  To be honest, I didn’t watch The Golden Girls a lot.  I caught episodes here and there when it was on TV Land, but I never got hooked.  However, what I do know is that of the four characters, I wanted to be Dorothy when I got older.  (Like, retired older.) She was sassy and it seemed like she always had her shit together.  Rose was a ditz, Blanche was a slut and Sophia was grouchy.  Dorothy was always the level headed one, but she still had fun.

I never hung out with my grandparents when I grew up. Since I only saw them are when my family would have lunch with them once every other year when we’d go visit, I thought that old people were boring and I was scared to grow up. However, The Golden Girls made me realize that after you have kids and your kids have kids, there is still a life to lead and you can have fun!  AND I can remain snarky and judgmental while sporting a sassy hairdo.  Thanks, Bea. And now excuse me while I go watch episodes on Surf the Channel.

Below, my favorite clip.

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