Everyone’s Laughing and Riding and Cornholing and Seeing 17 Again, Except Me

Pam tells me I should see 17 Again.  A movie I was kind of waiting to see on HBO, just because as a principle, I don’t believe in paying to go see Zac Efron.  Pam makes a pretty convincing case though…


Pamela: saw 17 again last night!
legit, really good…
like – go see it
me: hahahaha
i don’t knowww
Pamela: i am not even kidding

me: it kind of depresses me that matthew perry is so old
Pamela: not even a little
eh, he’s only in it for like , 1 5minutes
me: and michelle trachtenberg is older than us, but playing a high school student

Pamela: oh well thats not new
me: ohhh true, gossip girl
Pamela: yah
me: don’t tell me you have a crush on zac efron now?
Pamela: she looks like she is though
i mean
he’s dreamy
no i mean, not in the whole, tweeny-bopper sort of way
but i do like him
and the gratuitous shirtless scene
aka – the opening scene of the movie
me: hahahahahaha
Pamela: whatever
it was good
he is a much better actor than i would have thought
and you wouldnt think there’d be such a range of emotions to a movie like this
but you’d be wrong
wrong i tell you!
(btw blake loved it too, gave it a 92% on the blake movie scale)
wow im pushing this movie more than i would have thought.
So, fine.  Maybe I’ll go see it. But I’m seeing Monsters vs. Aliens 3-D first, because that movie’s set in the city I live in, and, oh yeah! In 3-fucking-D! That’s THREE dimensions.  Three!


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