As someone who is trying to find a new apartment, this new website is going to become my new best friend, except it’s lucky because it didn’t have to go through a grueling reality show and suffer through horrendous amounts of the color pink and general humiliation.  Triptrop NYC has just created the ultimate way to determine how long it will take you to travel to anywhere in New York and the five boroughs based on your location.  The red area means that it will take you 10 minutes or under to get there while purple means that you should bring a book or dvd since you’re going to be riding the subway for up to two hours–heck you might as well get a donkey because that might be faster.  Anyway, I can use this swell tool to figure out a place to live convenient to where I work.  Also, I can realistically see how long it will take me to get somewhere because right now I’m living by the “everything is 30 minutes away” line that Cher’s dad gave to her in Clueless which is meant for LA but I have, for some odd and logistically incorrect reason, adopted it to my travel times in New York.  If you need any more convincing that this is awesome, the map is in pretty colors.  Ooooo.

[ Triptop via Gothamist]

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