They Work Hard for the Money

The Most Annoying People Ever

The Most Annoying People Ever

As mentioned before, I dislike reality television. However, there are two shows for which I make an exception: So You Think You Can Dance and Real Housewives of New York City. I’m not sure why I like RHNY because I spend most of it hiding in my sweatshirt in secondhand embarassment for these people, yet I can’t stop watching. I mean, Kelly was running in the MIDDLE of Madison Avenue IN TRAFFIC and thought she was soooooo awesome. FALSE.  To make matters worse, HER HAIR WAS DOWN. I call bullshit on you Kelly, you are not a real runner. Athletes do not run with their hair down. (Side note: When I played soccer in high school, I made a special note of slide tackling any girls on the opposing team that wore their hair down while playing. Every yellow card was worth it.) Anyway, Jill and Bethenny seem to be the only sane ones in the bunch–they actually THINK before they speak and it’s fun listening to them talk about the stupidity of the other women on the show.

In a new “segment” I’m going to let people who recap for a living, actually recap the shows I like each week and I’ll pull my favorite line from each one. So let’s see how this goes:

“The thing that drove me battiest last night was when Simon went Sleeping with the Enemy psycho on Alex’s birthday.” [Entertainment Weekly]

I love that lil’ LuLu didn’t even bother having a pen or reading from notes as she dictated copy into her writer’s — Diane Reverand — tape recorder. [Jezebel]

I’m sure the Countess was there, probably sputtered up in her rusted-out Geo Prism and made a beeline for the bar. [Gawker]

Think of my vagina as a vase. Bethenny wins the episode. [NY Mag]

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